Become A More Eco-Efficient Driver

Are you taking steps to become a more eco-efficient driver? Try one of these four ways to improve!

Become A More Eco-Efficient Driver

We have all seen on the news the worrying facts about how the lack of progress in reducing our carbon footprints is leading us deeper into a climate crisis. While major companies and governments battle out who is responsible for making the changes that the world so badly needs, it should become everyone’s responsibility to start doing their bit to help the environment. We are all citizens of this planet and we all make choices on a daily basis that will have a massive effect on the environment. We should do something.

One of the major areas of pollution is down to the sheer volume of vehicles on our roads today. We all have places to be, and as such, having a car to get us to-and-from these places is very important. But, becoming more environmentally conscious does not mean that we need to stop driving, but we do need to look at smarter ways to use the cars that we currently have on the roads. 

Make Sure Your Car Is In Good Shape

One of the first things that you can do to help the environment is to make sure that your car is in good condition. That means changing your oil and filters regularly and getting a tire change. Check your tire pressure is right at all times too. These things will make sure that your car is as fuel-efficient as it possibly can be, as a well looked after car will not have an engine that works harder than it needs to. 

Drive At A Fuel Efficient Speed

The speed that you drive will affect the amount of fuel that you burn. If rush around at high-speeds, your foot will be on the gas hard, and you will use more. Keeping within the speed limits is often a great way to manage your fuel efficiency, as will finding routes to drive where you are not excessively braking, changing gears, or revving your engine. 

Buy An Eco-Friendly Car

Modern cars are getting much better when it comes to thinking about the environment, but hybrids and electric cars are obviously going to be the best options for reducing your carbon emissions. There are more and more coming out onto the market each year, and charging ports and becoming more common. The other option that you have is to buy a car with a smaller engine as this will naturally use less fuel. 

Share A Ride

Ride sharing is a great way to save fuel. If you know that someone is making the same, or a similar journey to you, why not share a ride? You will use half the fuel between you. That’s saving you both money, and helping the environment

Use Public Transport

Another option that may be available to you would be to use public transport. If you’re going somewhere and it is conveniently close to a train station, or bus station, then this may be a good option for you. 

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