Becoming a More Confident Driver

Do you feel that you’re a confident driver? Living in a small town, I feel confident on a daily basis; however, this country gal gets nervous in big cities!

Many of us are scared of driving. While some people love to drive and happily go out on long drives to clear their heads and get some time for themselves, others hate it. Some of us only drive because it’s essential, and it makes our lives considerably easier. But we don’t like it. We don’t enjoy it, and we’re certainly not confident on the road. Driving anxiety is incredibly common, and some people get so nervous that they are ill before they have to drive somewhere new, they might spend the night before awake worrying and find themselves panicking before they have to get into the car

This kind of driving anxiety can make life difficult. You might be ill, you might choose to add hours to your day simply to avoid having to drive, and unfortunately, unconfident or anxious drivers are more likely to react slowly, second guess themselves, make poor decisions on the road and put themselves and other people in danger. Of course, it can also work the other way. Some less confident drivers are more careful and responsible on the road, but even their clean driving record doesn’t make them feel better about getting in the car. Below are some of the things that you can do to help yourself to become a more confident and less anxious driver. 

Are you a confident driver?

Take a Course

You might have had driving lessons when you first started driving. But, these are often fairly basic and only teach you the essential skills of the road. They might not actually teach you how to drive on your own. Because of this, many people are terrified the first time they get into a car alone, and for some, this fear never goes away. Taking an advanced driving course can be a fantastic confidence boost, and gives you more experience in different situations. 

Look After Your Car

It’s easier to drive a car that’s in good condition. It will handle better, respond faster, and keep you safer on the road. You’ll feel much more confident if you aren’t having to worry about your car breaking down. But, when making repairs, beware of fake auto parts which can save money in the short term, but may not be as safe or long-lasting. 

Practice Different Skills

Do you only drive the same routes? Do you avoid reverse parking? Would you rather drive around the block than perform a turn in the road, or do you spend ages driving around car parks searching for an easy space? The idea of needing the perfect drive can make your anxiety worse. You’ll be scared of anything different cropping up along the way. Push yourself out of your comfort zone. Drive to quiet areas and practice, and over time you’ll start to worry less. 

Keep Driving

The more you drive, the less you will worry. Try to drive every day, even if it’s just a short journey until you feel more comfortable behind the wheel. 

Stop Worrying About Upsetting Other People

One of the most common causes of mistakes on the road is rushing at junctions because we are worried about keeping people behind us waiting. Forget other people. Don’t worry about holding them up, and you’ll start to feel happier about taking your time. Remember, a slow or careful driver will hold them up for less time than an accident would. 

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