Becoming the Most Responsible Driver You Can Be

When you take your driving lessons, you take the utmost care to be the most careful and responsible driver you can be. However, once you’ve passed and as time passes by, many drivers will begin to slack. It’s absolutely essential that you maintain the highest level of driving as possible whenever you get behind the wheel of a car – no matter how experienced you may be. This isn’t only a matter of your own safety. It’s a matter of the safety of everyone else on the road and everyone near the road too! So, here are a few steps you might want to take to make your way towards being the most responsible driver you can possibly be!

Becoming a responsible driver

Never Exceed the Limit

Drinking and driving is illegal – and for good reason. Alcohol inhibits you, slowing your reaction times and causing you to . If you’re caught drinking and driving, you could face jail time, receive fines, and have your licence taken away from you. So, make sure you’re familiar with the drink drive limits in your area and never exceed them. If you’re heading out with the intention of drinking, just get a taxi to the location instead. If you drive somewhere and end up drinking when you intended to, just get a taxi home. It’s not worth risking your own life and well-being or risking the lives and well-being of anyone else on the road, passing pedestrians, and property you may drive into.

Don’t Drive When You’re Tired

So many of us attempt to drive while tired. But don’t do this. Being tired can also reduce your inhibitions and can slow your reaction speeds. If you’re sufficiently tired, you could even fall asleep behind the wheel. This could prove catastrophic. So, if you’re tired before you take to the roads, call a taxi or take public transport instead. If you’re undertaking a long drive and find yourself becoming weary along the way, pull over in a safe spot where you can rest. This is essential. Even if you’re meant to be somewhere at a set time, it’s not worth risking driving dangerously – you’ll have to be late or postpone.

Check Medication Before Driving

Some medication states that you shouldn’t operate heavy machinery while taking it. Now, many people’s minds go straight to “forklift” and many people question why such specific information would be included in their prescription. But cars are heavy machinery. Don’t drive when taking any medication that inhibits your judgement or reaction times.

Make Sure Your Vehicle is Roadworthy

You need to make sure your vehicle is roadworthy before taking it to the roads. Sure, responsible driving means taking responsibility for your own actions and driving skills. But it also entails taking responsibility over your vehicle too. Your car should always be up to date on its services and MOT. If you identify any problems with any aspect of your vehicle – even if it’s something as simple as a warning light on your dash, you’ll need to take it in to be checked or do whatever it is that the warning light is indicating you should do. If you’re planning a long drive, you might also want to take other precautionary measures. This could include checking your oil levels are topped up before you leave, ensuring sure your tyre pressure is ideal, and ensuring you have sufficient fuel in the tank for your trip.

Stop Using Your Phone While You’re Driving

Some places around the world have made using your phone while driving illegal. Whether it’s illegal where you live or not, it’s best to understand why it’s been banned in some countries and follow the sentiment that it’s just not safe to use your phone while driving. At the end of the day, phones are easy distractions and focusing on your phone means that your attention isn’t fully focused on the road ahead. So, make sure you’re not using your phone while driving. If you use your phone for navigation, invest in a holder that keeps it in place at a sensible height and make sure the volume is on – this can guide you as you go without you having to take your hands off the wheel.

These are just a few simple tips and tricks that can help you to be a much more responsible driver. Your journeys will become much safer and it’ll benefit everyone all round. So don’t hesitate to incorporate them into your driving routine.

Understanding the consequences

For many people, having a driver’s license is both a need and a want. It is, however, a privilege not a right. If you drive inconsiderately or, worse still, aggressively, then you increase the chance that you will end up losing your license. What’s more, you may not get any warning about this. If you are declared an immediate threat, you can lose your license straight away.

Losing your license can have serious consequences for your life. For example, if you are required to drive for your job, then you may have to find a new job. There are, however, even worse potential penalties, such as jail time. Even if you are spared jail, you still have to deal with the consequences of what you’ve done.

In short, always remember that cars are big, heavy and fast so they can do a lot of damage. It’s therefore very much on you to act responsibly and keep other people safe. By doing so, you’ll also help to keep yourself safe. As a bonus, you can also help to reduce the cost of being a driver. You can lower the cost of your insurance and save on fuel too!


  1. You made a good point that driving lessons can teach you to have the most care and responsibility for possible. I’ve been trying to teach my son how to drive now that he has his permit. I’d love to prepare him for his driving test so he’ll be the best driver he can be.

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