Best Features Of Serviced Apartments Of The City

When you visit a new city away from home for an extended period, the cost of hotel accommodation may add up to eat most of your budget. Nobody would want to splurge a large sum just for a few weeks on a roof. Fortunately, you have the option of choosing serviced apartments over hotels to stay comfortably during your long trip. 

Serviced apartments are a cost-effective solution of accommodation for all kinds of visitors. Whether you are taking a vacation or visiting a city for work and are planning to stay for long, you can look for serviced apartments to satisfy all your needs.  

A serviced apartment is a fully furnished living space offering all the comforts of your home.

Serviced apartments in NYC

Here are the best features that you will get to enjoy while staying in serviced apartments: 

Well-connected locations

One of the best things about choosing a serviced apartment is its accessible location. For example, if you book your stay in one of the serviced apartments in New York, you can travel to every destination around the city. From subways to restaurants to breweries, bars, and cafes – everything is highly accessible. It is because most of these properties are located in the heart of the city

Clean and safe accommodation

When you book a serviced apartment for your extended stay, you don’t have to worry about your safety. It is because these premises ensure 24-hour safety for all the guests. You can enjoy a comfortable stay guarded with a gated security and CCTV cameras at many places. 

Another plus point of booking a serviced apartment is that you can enjoy a fully hygienic apartment. The owners ensure that everything remains clean and hygienic for their guests. Some owners also extend a weekly maintenance service using which you can get the apartment cleaned regularly during long stays. 

Well-furnished spaces

Serviced apartments do not fall short when it comes to extending amenities to their guests. You can enjoy fully furnished accommodation while booking these apartments. There are numerous amenities to enjoy. The best-serviced apartments will provide you with all the standard facilities such as air-conditioned rooms, lavish beds, comfortable sofa, flat-screen TV, etc. 

The kitchen space is also where you can have access to a refrigerator, washing machine, microwave, cookware, and other amenities. You can cook all your meals and also wash your clothes, so you save yourself from spending money on food or laundry.  

Allocated space for parking

When you go with the option of staying in a serviced apartment, you don’t have to worry about finding a place to park your car. Such accommodation includes an allocated parking space, and the guests can utilize it to their comfort and convenience. 

Hotel-esque facilities

Serviced apartments can be booked under different budgets. While all the apartments extend standard facilities and amenities to their guests, some apartments also let you enjoy hotel-like facilities. 

These serviced apartments offer you some luxurious amenities such as a fitness center, conference center, swimming pool, minibar, jacuzzi, gazebo, garden, etc., so that you can indulge in the taste of luxury and relax. If you are not restricted by budget, you can book such plush serviced apartments and spoil yourself with some much-deserved leisure. 

Large & spacious rooms

Whether you are traveling solo or with family, booking a serviced apartment can always help you accommodate everyone easily. While many hotel rooms offer limited rooms for families, serviced apartments let you enjoy enough space throughout the premises. 

There are several bedrooms and bathrooms connected with a central living space or common area, thus making the perfect option to stay for a family or large group of friends. 


The above-mentioned features of serviced apartments add to their popularity among vacationers and other visitors. Thus, next time you plan to travel, why not choose this option of accommodation?

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