Bringing Vintage Into The Kitchen

Have you thought about bringing vintage into the kitchen? Try a few of these tips for a fun update!

The kitchen is the hub of many homes. Often people spend hours making delicious food, having baking marathons, trying out new recipes, and so much more. Which means when it comes to the decor and the utility, it should be something that you can really enjoy. Vintage style kitchens are a quirky and cool place to spend your time. 

One of the most fun things when it comes to vintage kitchens is that often the utensils, bowls and other items are decorative and can be displayed for others to enjoy – as well as being useful. Form and function come together with vintage kitchen items.

Vintage kitchen items on a wood shelf
Photo by William on Unsplash

So here are few tips on how to handle your vintage kitchen.

Open Shelving

When it comes to really show off all of your gorgeous plates, pans and other utensils, open shelving is the way to go. They make the ideal display is a stunning cabinet that has either glass panels or no panels at all. They will help keep everything organized, but without covering everything up. 

Wall Space

The wall space in your kitchen is going to be your best friend when it comes to showing off and storing your vintage goods. Things with larger handles, or large soup pans, and colanders don’t always tuck away nicely into a cabinet. So why not just keep them on display. Fitting some stylish hooks can lean even more into the vintage feel you are going to achieve. Another excellent tip for your wall is to make sure there is space to hang up your leather apron, and a few vintage postcards or pictures. It will make a feature out of the wall, but it will still be totally functional too. 

Look Up

If you have decorative items that you want to show off, but never use then, you should look up. There is often space above the kitchen cabinets, or above any shelving that can be used as a display place. 

Another option is using the ceiling and hanging a pan rack. Using the ceiling as storage is a great way to save on cabinet space, and make the most of your kitchen is on the smaller side. 


Many people do this anyway, but if you don’t, it might be time to think about it. You can repurpose or upcycle items that only have a sentimental or aesthetic value to you. Using antique jars to hold tea, coffee or herbs works well. Older baking trays can be carefully turned into a magnetic sheet for herb jars, or as a note board. There are a lot of inspirational upcycling images on Pinterest that might give you a couple of great ideas.

And one of the last things is to consider is, if you are running out of space for your gorgeous collection, it might just be time to say goodbye to things you don’t use or don’t love. Cutting back your collection until something breaks or stops working is a great way to appreciate it more while you have it. 

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Bring Vintage to Your Kitchen!

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