Building An Identity For Your Home Business

Motherhood is a huge eye opener. It lends a woman a unique perspective that forever alters her perception. All the things that used to worry and scare her like the minutiae of work and the petty politics of the workplace are put into proper perspective. Suddenly the only thing that matters is protecting the tiny and delicate life in our charge. Another thing parenthood can do is convince a woman of her own inherent potency. She becomes much more aware of her strength, intelligence and endeavor. She is emboldened by the experience of parenthood. Perhaps it is for this reason that many new Moms opt for the path of entrepreneurship rather than returning to work. If this path appeals to you, when starting your own home business, it encourages you to consider what sort of identity you want to create for your business.

Building a brand is not just for the huge corporate giants. Small business must also consider how their brand comes across to their target market. While there are no right or wrong answers, if you’re struggling to find a voice for your home business, here are some angles you may want to consider in your branding…

Figure out what you can offer that your competitors can’t

Even the smallest business requires extensive market research to get the lie of the land before it begins trading. Not only must you get a sense of the needs and desires of your prospective customers, you must also look at the ways in which your competitors are meeting their needs…

And all the ways in which they’re not. A good starting point for your branding is looking at all the ways in which your competitors are letting your core clientele down and building your brand around them.

Put your parenthood right there on front street

People like Moms. There’s something appealing about the idea of supporting a business that’s home based and started by a parent. It’s been said many times in many ways but people buy from people rather than brands. Thus, you may find success in developing a homespun brand that uses your parenting adventure as a selling point.

Appeal to a sense of time honored tradition

The world today moves forward at an incredibly fast pace and if there’s one thing that defines our times it’s uncertainty. We’re in such a state of economic, industrial and cultural flux that it’s little wonder why people cling to nostalgia. We yearn for a time when things were a little simpler, a little more predictable and a lot more personal. Thus, many businesses, like Varner Pipe pride themselves on doing business the old fashioned way, using time honored production techniques and putting customer care first. These are worthy aspects to incorporate into your branding.

Be a future-facing enterprise

Alternatively, you could lean the other way and establish yourself as a forward-facing brand that embraces the future and has the technological savvy to prepare for the challenges of tomorrow.

Of course, if you choose this path, you’ll have to put your money where your mouth is, investing heavily in tech and paradigm-challenging techniques to ensure that you’re able to meet the challenges of the future.

Whatever path you choose, the very best of luck to you!

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