Busy Family Valentine’s Day Ideas

These busy family Valentine’s Day Ideas are going to put love back into the air! Check them out!

Busy Family Valentine's Day

As we steam full-force towards February, it’s fair to say that love is most definitely in the air. The shops are starting to stock all manner of love heart goodness, and the chances are that you’re already pulling your hair out about how to celebrate this time around. A busy family Valentine’s Day seems to be norm around my house!

You let your partner know how much you love them all the time, of course, but this is a special occasion. A chance, just once a year, to really dedicate yourself to making them feel special. The trouble is that, since the kids came along, Valentine’s Day has become a challenging day to arrange. And, this year, you’re out of ideas.

The fact is that heading out for a romantic meal for two (the valentines standard) simply isn’t an option when you have youngsters to think about. Worse, every other couple you know will be planning something too, so babysitting is off the cards! Are you doomed to remain loveless this valentine, or is there at least something you can do to keep the love alive?

In truth, your plans here are guaranteed to be a little more complicated than if you were living the single life and, undeniably, an evening meal is off the cards. But, we have some alternative suggestions that might work around your family to give you the romantic valentines you desire after all. 

# 1 – Cook something at home

Nothing quite beats cooking a spectacular home meal to treat a loved one, and this could be the ideal way around your restrictions this February. Whether you wait until the kids are in bed or make this a daytime affair by cooking lunch while they’re in school, you could enjoy that special connection in the comfort of your own home.

Bear in mind that you should take efforts to make this meal stand out from all the other times you sit down to eat together. Invest in some candles, table placements, and the like. Think, too, about special meals that you might not eat regularly, like steak or a whole new recipe that is perfect for a busy family Valentine’s Day!

Remember; food can be a fantastic aphrodisiac, and it honestly doesn’t matter where you are when you’re eating. All that matters is the ambiance, the tasty meal, and the fact that you’re taking time out solely for one another.

# 2 – Book daytime excursions

When valentines falls on a weekday, you also have the notable benefit of a kid-free day to make the most of. Okay, it might not be the hot and steamy nighttime romance of your single days, but booking the day off work and planning something in those hours is always worthwhile. It may be that you fancy valentines day facials & massage which you can enjoy together and are guaranteed to be sensual even in the morning. Or, you could head out for a day trip to a place you’ve always wanted to visit together.

Even just going out for a walk and a romantic picnic somewhere is sure to hit the spot, and you won’t have to worry about your kiddies or their care once while you do it. The options for daytime dates are endless. You could even start the romantic fun one-on-one, then enjoy a specially cooked meal for the whole family that evening, making this event even better than it would have been if you focused your efforts after-work!

# 3 – Include the kids

Speaking of not worrying about the kids, you could always let them join in the valentine fun. We know; it isn’t what you had in mind, but including your youngsters can enhance that romance. Your kids are the best possible testament to your love, after all, and celebrating valentines as a family can be a whole lot of fun. You could all share a special home-cooked meal together, watch a film, or just make an effort towards quality-time on the day.

You could even get your kids some flowers or chocolates too, to really spread the love to your favorites! They’re sure to love the attention, and you may enjoy having them there more than you expect. Plus, you and your partner can still snuggle down and have fun together once the kids go to bed!

# 4 – Celebrate on another day

If none of the above appeals, you could always celebrate valentines on another day. Many couples are now choosing to do this for monetary purposes, and so you definitely won’t be the only loved-up couple in the restaurant the next day. Still, you’ll get to enjoy the benefit of on-call babysitters and a much easier date night to arrange. Not to mention that you’ll probably save a fair amount of money this way, which is always a good thing where family finances are concerned!

Strange as it may seem, you might even find that these delayed celebrations are more romantic than if you just went out on the day itself. Rather than adhering to subscribed romance, this is a concentrated effort to get out together on a day that could become all yours!

Be my valentine board near pink roses

Keeping the valentine love alive after kids

As any parent knows, romance can be pretty tricky to come by once you have a family. Time is forever stretched to the limits, and your kids will be your priority, even on valentines. But, that doesn’t mean you won’t still get a chance to spend some quality time together as a couple this year. In fact, if you put these pointers into action successfully, you might find that you’re able to turn valentines into something even more special than it used to be. Far from merely keeping the romance alive, that could see this February turning your love up a gear.

So, take the day off work, start looking out for the most romantic recipes you can find, or simply think about the different ways you could include your kids. There’s a lot of ideas for busy family Valentine’s Day activities, treats and more. With a little forward-thinking, this Valentine’s Day looks set to be your best one yet!  

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