Buying A Chair Lift For Your Home

Buying a chair lift may be necessary if the stairs are becoming difficult for you, or a loved one. The most cost effective long term solution is to invest in chair lifts for homes. However, for stair lifts to be the right solution for you there are several considerations to think about first.

Buying A Chair Lift

Before you even begin to look at stair lifts for different types of stairs, you need to consider the long term implications of having one installed. The mobility lift will become a permanent fixture in your home. If you decide to move in the near future it may affect the sale-ability of your home, plus you will need to decide whether you need to go through the expense again at your new home. This shouldn’t be a problem if any potential move is years off, as the use and independence you gain from it will be worth any later potential disruptions. 

Once you start looking you will need to consider what type of stair lift you need. As with all mobility aids a lot will depend on your individual circumstances, such as how much upper body control you have, whether you need to be able to swing into a wheelchair from the stair lift, and how easily you can operate controls. There are other considerations with stair lifts, however, including the shape and size of your stairs. While almost any type of staircase can be accommodated, a very narrow, or curved staircase may incur different charges to a wide straight set of stairs. Also spend time looking at different residential mobility equipment providers and request a free price quote, to allow you to compare costs and customer service.

The Components You Should Know About

The more you understand about the mobility aids you purchase, the more assured you can be that they are suited to your needs. When it comes to stair lifts, there are a number of different parts that make a difference to how well they work. The rail or track is the part that supports the chair and provides the means by which the chair moves up and down your stairs. It runs the length of your stairway with some models offering a track overrun. This is an additional length of track at both ends that moves you further away from the stairs before you get in or out of the seat.

In order to work, the track requires a power supply, which can either be from the mains or from a battery pack. Just remember that if it is from a battery, it will need charging. If you forget you could find yourself stuck. Call and send controls are usually wall mounted close to the lift so that you can call it to the end of the track where it is needed.

The seat itself may differ depending on the model, but it will usually fold out of the way when not in use. It will also contain the controls to maneuver the lift up and down while you are seated on it.

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  1. I like how you mentioned that chair lifts are the most cost-effective and long term solution if a loved one is having difficulty getting around the home. My cousin is considering looking into home stairlifts because she’s thinking about installing one in her mother’s home so that she has an easier time getting from the first floor to the second. I think it’s a good investment to consider shopping from a reputable company that has the highest quality material for my cousin’s mother’s lift to help her get around easier.

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