Parents’ Guide to Buying Trikes for Your Kids

Buying trikes for your kids can be overwhelming with all of the choices. Check out a few to get you started!

Buying toys is not always an easy challenge, and this is something which of course applies when buying kids trikes as well. We’ve all been there; sat staring at our computer screen for hours, feeling puzzled because we simply can’t make up our mind regarding what to buy.

But don’t worry – that’s where this article comes in. We aim to cut out that long drawn out shopping process by presenting you with the top three trikes available today. After all, selecting from three in comparison to the sheer number available on the internet shouldn’t be too hard, right?!

A trike is a good gift for a child not only because it is fun but it assists with motor skills. If your child then moves onto car toys and motorized gifts, research shows the transition into driving is easier. You can read more on driving test preparation online.

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Little Tikes 3 in 1 Trike with Discover Sounds

This has to be one of the most exciting and innovative trikes available online today. First and foremost, it boasts a bright lime green color. This is something which is eye-catching and is bound to go down a hit with both boys and girls. The best feature of this trike of course has to be the Discover Sounds dashboard. This features a whole host of exciting fun sounds and lights for your child to enjoy while on their journey – adding a whole new level of dimension to the enjoyment. Nevertheless, the dashboard is not the only great feature you will reap by buying this. There is also a beverage holder, an extra-large rear storage bucket which has a dumping feature and LED lights for the purpose of signalling when turning. All in all you will fail to find a trike as unique as this one.

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Cupcake Smart Trike

If you are looking to buy a trike for a girl, then one of the best options has to be this cupcake trike. After all, who doesn’t love cupcakes? This trike boasts a green and pink color scheme which is highly popular among girls. The design is the main attraction, and this is important because it is the first thing your child will notice and thus it is a telling sign as to whether they will like the toy you buy or not. And thus, you can guarantee that they will love this option! A final point worth noting is that this trike boasts a high level of safety features; therefore you needn’t to worry about this aspect when buying trikes.

Bob the Builder Toolbox Trike

The final trike in the list is the perfect choice for any little boy or girl who is a Bob the Builder fan. It features the popular cartoon characters image displayed throughout. Moreover, the best thing about this trike is the added fun available in the form of the toolbox that comes with it. This is attached to the back of the trike and comes with six different accessories inside. This means that not only can your child have fun riding their new toy, but they can also have fun stopping and fixing things along the way.

So there you have it; the top three trikes available online today! Hopefully one of these trikes will be the perfect choice for your little one!

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