Can You Have Your Healthy Greens At Home?

You’re all familiar with the concept of eating your 5 a day – however, if you live in France, the recommended diet is 10 portions of fruit and vegetables a day, while Japan recommends only 7. But ultimately, the World Health Organization guidelines state that a minimum of 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day provides sufficient disease prevention and health benefits.

The main issue about picking your favorite 5 is that it can bring hidden costs into the scale, such as growing, harvesting, packaging, and shipping costs, without mentioning the threats that chemical fertilizers and pesticides pose to wildlife. Additionally, buying fresh fruit and veggies can rapidly become expensive. In other words, you need to explore eco- and budget-friendly options for your 5 a day, such as keeping your healthy greens at home.

Healthy Greens Garden

Where do you start?

Your journey to healthy greens starts in the garden, especially if you want to grow your own food. Ultimately, while you might not be able to save a lot on your grocery shopping trips – you can grow veggies, but you can’t grow flour, milk and toiletry products in your garden –, your efforts will make a significant difference in the kitchen. Homegrown vegetables, especially, are a source of excitement for young children and they’re ideal for picky eaters. Everyone wants to eat the produce they’ve watered and watched grow! Small patio gardens will need to rely on potted plants, which works for zucchinis, carrots, French beans, and tomatoes. If you have the possibility to dig a vegetable bed, you’ll find it easier to grow space-demanding plants such as squash, sweet corns, onions, and cabbages.

Keeping your big garden safe

When your garden becomes an integral part of your green lifestyle, you need to add new features to enhance security and reduce passage. It’s a good idea to get in touch with your local fence companies, for instance, as you want to keep neighbor cats and large wildlife animals out of your veg plot. Additionally, a fencing solution will ensure that nobody tries to steal your harvest when you’re not looking!  

Encourage your children to help
Planting Watering Water Child Garden Tree Plant

You don’t need a lot of room to make it work!

Don’t be fooled into believing that you need a house with a garden to make it work. You can grow your healthy greens indoors if you live in a small apartment. A herb garden in your kitchen is, for instance, an excellent alternative to a vegetable garden. Cilantro, basil, mint, chives, and tarragon are tasty herbs that not only bring delicious flavors to your dishes, but that are also full of vitamins! Additionally, you can also keep some vegetables in pots, such as a tomato and cucumber plants – which will love the indoors warmth.

The invisible health benefit

When it comes to the subject of healthy greens, it appears important to note that not all greens need to be consumed to release their health benefits. Houseplants, for instance, are not safe for consumption. But they can improve your indoor air quality and your mood.

Getting your 5 a day the healthy way is a lifestyle choice. You need to agree that you won’t eat exotic fruit and vegetables, but instead, you need to focus on local plants you can grow at home. Additionally, while vegetables and fruit support your physical health, you can also add some more greens at home to boost your mental health too! Green and healthy, these are the keywords of your ideal lifestyle!

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