Cancer Prevention: Adopting a Healthier Life

The world is constantly trying to find ways for cancer prevention. It is a disease that affects over 12 million people worldwide each year. There are ways to prevent the disease. Yes, not all forms are preventable and genetics can play a factor too. However, by improving your habits such as (exercise; smoking prevention; eating healthy food and more) you can create a healthier environment.

woman in hospital gown learning about cancer prevention

Studies on cancer prevention have found a link between each of our personal ability to maintain a healthy quality of life, exercise, avoid smoking and maintain a healthy weight. This can help prevent cancer. However, in recent years, beyond the micro level, the world has also been dealing with the macro level. If you have already been diagnosed with cancer, you can still seek to make a change, to aid your treatments further. There are many types of diagnoses and prognoses, so you may want to read more. Recently published recommendations from the American Cancer Society have addressed the fact that creating a social and physical environment that supports healthy behavior is the key to cancer prevention. Guidelines for nutrition and exercise for cancer prevention are updated every five years by a panel of experts in the United States, which includes experts in areas such as cancer research, prevention, epidemiology, and public health

So how do we take care of ourselves and aid in cancer prevention?

Weight is a key factor: 

  1. It is recommended to achieve and maintain a healthy body weight throughout life
  2. It is recommended to be as thin as possible without being underweight. 
  3. It is recommended to avoid being overweight at any age. Among people who are currently overweight or obese, any weight loss, even a small weight loss, is beneficial to health and is an excellent starting point for further weight loss.
  4. It is recommended to engage in regular physical activity.
  5. It is recommended to limit the consumption of high-calorie products, as a basic strategy for maintaining a healthy weight.


  1. For adults – it is recommended to engage in moderate exercise for 150 minutes a week, or strenuous exercise for 75 minutes a week,   
  2. It is not recommended to concentrate on all activities in one day, but throughout the week. 
  3. For children – it is recommended to engage in moderate to intense exercise for one hour a day, at least three times a week. 
  4. It is recommended to limit behavior at rest, such as sitting, lying down, or watching TV or other types of entertainment in front of a screen. 
  5. It is recommended to be physically active beyond the routine day-to-day activities

Nutrition and alcohol:

  1.  It is recommended to consume a healthy diet, with an emphasis on plant products. 
  2. It is recommended to choose food and beverage products in quantities that help to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. 
  3. It is recommended to limit the consumption of processed meat products and red meat
  4. It is recommended to eat at least 2.5 cups of vegetables and fruits daily. 
  5. It is recommended to choose whole grains instead of white flour. 
  6. It is recommended to limit alcohol consumption – for women no more than one alcoholic beverage per day and for men – no more than two.

In conclusion, everyone should act to reduce the risk of developing cancer and other diseases that can be life limiting. 

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