Caring for Your Skin in Times of Stress


Caring for your skin during stressful times is important – especially during times of high stress. Discover a few of our tips for healthy skincare!

We don’t often think of our skin first when we’re thinking about the symptoms and negative impact of stress on our lives. Stress can cause all sorts of both mental and physical disturbances, including muscle pain, stomach upset, and headaches, to say nothing of the mental toll it can take on you. But stress actually affects the skin, too, in a number of ways.

If you’ve ever experienced hives or zits after a particularly stressful event, or noticed your under eyes looked puffy after a rough night. Even worse, ever noticed that your eczema or psoriasis always seemed to flare after a particularly bad bout with anxiety? You know first hand the impact stress can have and the importance of caring for your skin.

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While we cannot stop stress from affecting our skin, we can definitely implement routines and care rituals that will ease the symptoms and help to soothe and calm stress-ravaged skin. Here’s a few ideas below to reduce effects of stress on your skin

Invest in a Good Moisturizer

Obviously, you want to have a really good nightly skincare routine in place, but the most important part of that (along with a great cleanser and toner) is a good moisturizer. Look for one that not only has a soothing smell, but contains natural, calming ingredients that will soothe and calm the skin as it moisturizes. One that has a lovely, silky feel will help ease your stress through repetitive, relaxing movements. This is an area where you should definitely splurge, so if you find a wonderful product that costs just a little more, go ahead and get it anyway. 

Treat Acne Right Away

If you’re noticing a lot more acne or pimples than usual (in the form of blackheads, whiteheads or just regular, run of the mill pimples), don’t wait for the problem to go away. Purchase a good acne treatment to get ahead of the problem. As oils build up, the acne may only become worse, even after stress has faded. Acne being a teenage-only problem is a big misconception. You should tackle it as soon as the problem starts to avoid it becoming an even bigger problem. 

Get a Facial

If you’re unable to book a facial at a local salon or aesthetician, do a great at-home facial for yourself! A little bit of pampering with some sweet-smelling products will go a long way, not only for your skin, but for your mental health. You’ll be so relaxed and calm afterward. 

Combat Stress with Simple Coping Skills

Whatever works for you is what you should do. Whether that’s exercise, reading a good book, relaxing with a cup of tea and a favorite film, cleaning up your diet, getting some extra sleep, trying yoga, a phone call with a friend, or cleaning the house top to bottom…those little rituals that help your stress feel manageable? Do those. As your stress begins to ease, your skin will begin to show a difference. 

The most important way to take care of your skin in times of stress and pretty much any old time? Drink water. However much you’re drinking: drink more. You can never have too much water. 

How are you caring for your skin during stressful times? Share in the comments below!

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