Caring For Yourself When Caring For Others

If you’re someone who regularly takes care of other people, you’ve got to be sure you’re taking care of yourself in equal measure. After all, you can’t give anything out if you’ve got absolutely nothing in the bag! So, if you’ve been feeling run down lately, without any form of energy, and you’ve still got people in your life to take care of on top of this, it’s time to focus a little more of your effort and energy inwards. Let’s go through a few details about that below.

Know Your Basic Necessities 

If you want to take care of yourself, make sure you know what needs taking care of! Your diet, for one, and your hygiene for two, but also your social life needs to be factored in here. Human beings need to eat, drink and be merry on a regular basis – we’re social creatures, and you might just get cabin fever from being inside caring for a relative all the time. 

Start meal prepping; take a few hours every Sunday to whip up something nutritious and tasty and then freeze pots of it for use throughout the week. At the same time, try to get out, even if only for five to ten minutes at a time. Go for a quick walk whilst texting or calling a friend; you’ll feel a lot more refreshed when you come back again. 

Prioritize Your Sleeping Habits

Sleep is the most important thing to focus on here, alongside eating and drinking of course. But sleep takes more time, and there’s a good chance you’re feeling tired and drained more often than not, so let’s prioritize your sleeping habits. 

Try to get to bed at the same time each and every evening. When other people don’t need you to be around until the morning again, go through your night time routine yourself and then hop in bed. Use meditation apps to help you calm down and relax, and then try to drift off to sleep as early as possible. It’ll make the world of difference to your health. 

Reach Out for Help

Everyone needs a bit of help sometimes, and you shouldn’t ever be afraid to admit that out loud. If caring for an elderly or sick relative is getting too much, you don’t have to be alone in your struggle, and you don’t have to be able to manage the world either. 

You can reach out for help, because it’s a guarantee that there will be specialist aid available in your area. Something like alzheimers care or day to day carers that can lift the burden for at least an hour or two each and every day. That’ll certainly give you more time to look after yourself in the morning or the evening. 

Caring for others is a selfless task, but make sure you aren’t sacrificing your own needs to try and give to someone else. 

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