Cast Iron Maple-Chipotle Roasted Chicken and Sweet Taters

Cast Iron Maple-Chipotle Roasted Chicken and Sweet Taters with Onions is a dish that your entire family will enjoy. They’ll devour every sweet, savory bite and be asking for it again very soon!

During the winter, we love sweet taters and tend to eat them quite at least once per week. They’re frequently on sale and can be used just like regular taters. The maple syrup and chipotle give this dish a good balance of sweetness with a hint of heat. The sweet taters end up tender and the onions caramelize for added flavor.

Try out the recipe and be sure to come back to let me know what your family thinks! My husband gave this two thumbs up when I made it for our at-home date night and requested that it be added to our meal plan in a few weeks. It’s comforting, flavorful, and delicious!

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Your family is going to love this sweet and savory Cast Iron Maple-Chipotle Roasted Chicken with Sweet Taters & Onions!


  1. That sounds so good! I am buying a cast iron skillet and was looking for recipes!

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