How to Choose a Dentist – Investigate and Smile!

Choosing a new dentist is a difficult task. With the numerous amounts of specialties, how do you know which one you need and which one you don’t? Our first choice is to ask our friends and extended family members for advice. What works for one person may not work for you so it’s best to investigate a bit on your own, too!

Online Presence

The internet is an incredibly useful tool to find information about potential dental offices. If you move to a new area, you can find online reviews and testimonials about offices in the area. Your dental insurance company may also be able to help direct you via their website. 

An online presence gives the office a chance to provide details of their services, photographs of the office environment, and even portals to keep track of appointments, make payments, etc.

At the tap of a few keys, you can find a list of dentist offices within your particular area. Start getting a feel for the office by looking through the website. A bio about the doctors along with accolades for their successes are typically featured.

Office hours give you an idea for scheduling appointments. I work during the day so I try to find one that offers appointments later in the afternoon/evening or even on weekends. I prefer that my children don’t have to be checked out early from school and I don’t want to use vacation time from work



Check qualifications of your local doctors as well as local and state business boards on and Dentists like Dr. Karl Jobst are continually advancing their education. With the rapid changes in technology, he stays successful by staying educated. He is able to stay on the cutting edge of new tools and advanced treatments that make dental work easier. safer, and more affordable for both the doctor and the patient.

We already pay enough for our insurance coverage so why would you want to spend even more on out-of-pocket costs? Treatments can add up quickly. Know what is covered by your insurance and ask if they would offer alternative treatments to save money.

Dentist Office Tours

After making a list of your top choices, call each office to schedule a tour and consultation with the doctors. First impressions always make a difference. Is the office clean, organized, and comfortable? I have been in a professionally-designed office that felt extremely cold, uninviting, and had a staff that I thought their faces would crack if they tried to smile. I felt completely out of place and knew that I was nothing more than dollar signs to the office.

A co-worker offered the suggestion of the office that she went to so I took a chance. I walked in to an older office styled in the ways of the 1980’s. The staff consisted of the doctor and one assistant who double-timed as the front desk. The doctor’s wife did the bookkeeping and insurance claims. They called me by name when I’d walk in the door and I enjoyed hearing how they interacted with other patients. It gave you those feel-good feelings and warmed you to the core knowing how much they truly cared.

The busier the office, the better it must be, right? Wrong! Living in a rural area, there are fewer options than you would find in a big city. Do you get attention for your needs or are you rushed through like a herd of cattle? Are appointments readily available or do you have to wait for months? Tooth emergencies often can’t wait. Our teeth are one of the core factors in maintaining a healthy life so it’s important to take care of any problems as soon as possible.

Dental Work

A Staff Who Cares!

A strong staff is critical for this factor. A dentist is only as good as his staff, in my opinion. Dr. Karl Jobst has the same belief system. He trusts his gut instinct when hiring staff members and insists on being a part of the process. This ensures that he is bringing a person in who will help the business grow, flourish, and help everyone involved with their ultimate goal of providing a service that will keep people coming back.

My family’s dentist recently retired so we have been on the lookout for a new dental office to call home. We enjoy learning that the doctors are involved in local activities and organizations. It’s definitely a plus if they are giving back to their community, too! Several local physicians volunteer to coach ball teams, organize charity events, etc. As an avid pilot, Karl Jobst, Grove, OK shares his passion for developing skills outside of the office, too! Flying is a skill that takes education, time, and dedication as well. 

Before running to the first office available, do a little research on the dentist offices. You will save a little money and possibly your health by choosing the dentist who will provide the quality of care that you need!


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