How to Clean and Purify the Air of Your Home

5 House Plants You Need In Your Home

5 House Plants You Need In Your Home!

How many plants do you have in your home? Most families have at least one house plant in the home, ranging from large ferns to small herb gardens; but, few people realize the real value of keeping plants in the home for the purpose of air purification.

Plants absorb large percentages of airborne wastes including gases, and other excretions, in addition to keeping the air free from being overrun with multitudes of mold species. Check out these five indoor houseplants that are perfect for cleaning and purifying your air.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera Plant

This plant is famous for its wide range of topical uses and its ability to promote healing in the skin. Not only is Aloe Vera a great plant to have around for medicine, it’s also great at helping keep the air in your home clean. This plant is very easy to take care of, and doesn’t require a ton of water for it to remain feeling healthy. Placing it in a central position will help the plant to clean various pollutants from modern building materials from the air.


Ficus Tree

This plant is another very low maintenance plant that has it origins in Southeast Asia. The ficus is well known for its positive effects on people, at one point believed to be coming from the plant’s own energy, but in recent times research has attributed the benefits to the plant’s ability to cleanse the air of a large amount of impurities within lose proximity to it. The ficus can be kept indoors in very little light, and can be transferred outside during warmer months.

Boston Fern

This plant requires indirect light a little water. The Boston Fern can cleanse the air of the harmful chemical xylene, and they look beautiful hanging in almost any area. Pick up more than one of these or a maximum benefit.


The Dracaena is a plant with a wide variety of types and colors. This makes it a popular indoor plant for decoration, but beyond its stylish colors and interesting looks, this plant is a major ally in the search for clean air. The Dracaena removes residues of some plastics and petroleum products from the air, and does so while looking great.

Snake Plant

The Snake plant is a desert climate plant. That means that it tends to do the best in a dry area, and requires very little water. They are known for filtering out chemicals like trichloroethylene, and look great next to your front door, or in any corner.

Which plants do you have in your home?


  1. Growing up we had every one of these plants in our home, in several different spaces. My mother had a green thumb, and loved to grow and keep house plants. I can’t keep one alive. 🙁

  2. This came at the perfect time for me. I have been looking into getting some indoor plants for just this reason. I have 2 kids and a dog and it is so important to make sure the air stays clean.

  3. ACK!
    I love this post! Awhile back I was trying to do my research on what plants would be good for air purification in our downtown condo. We have a busy construction site near us and I know our air quality has changed since it started building and drilling daily.
    Thanks for such a thoughtful post.

  4. We have snake plant in our home, Snake plants don’t need much light or water to survive, so they’re an easy choice for any corner of your home.

  5. Oh I have two of the plants you’ve listed Aloe Vera and Dracaena. I hope to get a boston fern soon and definitely a snake plant. I love having plants in my house so much. They make a huge difference!

  6. I am really bad at keeping plants alive! BUT, I discovered I can keep succulents and cacti alive!! I also have an aloe plant!

    • I am terrible about keeping plants alive as well. I love our aloe plant. With two boys and a husband who works in the steel industry, they always have a cut that needs healing from our plant!

  7. I am going to admit that currently I don’t have ANY plants inside. Not sure why either. I have aloe outside so next time I give that a trim I might take some of the pups and plant them for indoors!

  8. I’m so excited by this post. I literally was looking just this week for plants that will purify the home. Late last year I bought a high end air filter. But it’s in one room. And while my apartment is small, it probably doesn’t effectively get the whole house. So I wanted to get some plants to filter because the air filter was way too expensive to buy another!

    • Air filtration systems can get expensive! I am forgetful about changing the filter. We had one in our bedroom and initially bought several filters to start; however, when we needed more, we couldn’t find them at the store because the model available had changed. I did find some online but eventually, the website phased them out, too.

  9. I don’t have any house plants, and I should have thought about them helping filter the air! Growing up my grandmother always had an aloe plant that she used topically as well. I guess I should try my hand at that one first!

  10. I love having plants throughout my home. The ficus is my favorite. I’ve had it forever.

  11. i want to get both aloe and snake plant…are they easy to take care of?

    • I think the snake plant is easier since it requires less sunlight and water; however, the aloe can be quite sensitive at times. Once it gets started, though, it seems like the growth is endless!

  12. These are some great plants! I had an Aloe Vera, I wanted to get more for our house but our cat likes to eat plants and a lot are poisonous for them.

  13. Growing up, my grandma always had a few aloe vera plants in all the rooms. Now that I have grown up and have my own apartment, I also keep a few around.

  14. This list is exactly what I needed! I’ve been trying to decide what plants to get for the house that I can’t kill, but would benefit the house.

  15. I did have a succulent in my room till it started dying so I had to move it outside. Otherwise, I have a couple of other plants in the kitchen area, sadly I don’t know what type. I need to get more because I love the greenery and how could they are for the air in my home.

  16. We don’t have any houseplants, because whenever we have fresh flowers in the house, my cat tries to eat them!! But I love the idea of having an aloe vera plant in the house.

  17. I plan to add indoor plants at home and I think this is a great guide! It’s detailed and very informative!

  18. My grandmother had a beautiful cactus garden and plenty of Aloa Vera when I was growing up. We currently don’t have plants in our home now but I’d love to add a few. Our cats also would love plants – to eat – so I have to be careful and not getting anything I’m unable to place somewhere where the curious cats don’t roam. Aloa Vera sounds like the perfect plant for our home!

  19. Angela Ricardo Bethea

    Oh, We have an Aloe Vera and Snake Plant in our home and I really like it because even though no sunlight they survive. So its pretty perfect for our home decoration too.

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