The Coffee Lover’s Guide to Making the Perfect Mocha

You Deserve The Perfect Mocha

Most Southerners would agree that there is nothing better than chocolate. Also, there is nothing you need more than coffee; and combining the two is the perfect combination, isn’t, it? But what happens when you don’t have a barista in your family? Can you get your fix of chocolate and coffee every day? The answer is Yes! For 83% of Americans starting the day with a coffee is a necessity. So, here is your budget friendly, do-it-at-home quick mocha fix.

Do not avoid this first rule – Go Dark

Firstly, you are going to need the right coffee. You can be excused for thinking that any old coffee from the jar will do (and to be honest, at a push you are correct) but in reality the best coffee for a mocha is a dark roast. There are two reasons for this – the most important one is that a dark roast coffee will cut down on aftertaste or acid reflux that you might experience – and the second is that it makes your mocha taste authentic, rich and opulent.

Stick to your budget – Save Money

Stick to your budget in two ways. Make your mocha at home- did you know that ‘coffee’ is a $30 billion-a-year national industry? That’s not to say that you would spend that in a year, but many many consumers do. The mocha that you make at home does not break the budget. Once you have decided on your coffee head to the cupboard for some chocolate. You have a few options here because as soon as you heat up the chocolate you change the consistency, therefore, you do not need expensive chocolate. Melting a few squares from a block of chocolate or even just a teaspoon of handy cocoa powder will suffice!



Combine the ingredients – Be Creative

The perfect mocha is nearly complete. You have your choice of dark roast coffee, some chocolate, all you need now is the milk, cream or water. The final ingredients are personal choice. For a morning wake up I choose milk- warmed slightly before plunging the coffee and adding the cocoa. In the afternoon- instant coffee combined with a square of melted chocolate served with a dollop of cream on the top. There really is no rule here, let your imagination (in consultation with your tastebuds) decide. Why not even try an extra sweet treat on the side.

Making your own mocha at home does not mean you compromise on taste or style. It saves you time and money. With the combination of chocolate and coffee you will always have the perfect drink fix close at hand.

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