College Application Essays: Everything You Need to Know

College application essays feeling overwhelming for your child?

The process of applying for college is a terrifying one for most students. The importance of college education in modern life makes it all the more important to join the best institutions and this puts students under a lot of stress. There are multiple requirements among the most important being an application essay. Most students find the most difficult part of the application because essay writing is not the easiest of tasks. Luckily, you have multiple sources of help including family and friends, teachers, custom writing services, student groups and former students among others. 

Here, you will find everything you need to know about college application essays to ensure you write a superb paper. Keep reading.

The Essay Requirements are Crucial

Don’t rush to start researching your story without looking at the requirements. It is true students write these essays every year but it is important to go through the guidelines with your teacher or parent to understand what you have to do. Once you understand the essay prompt, everything starts falling into place.

It’s All About Telling Your Story

The application essay is all about uniquely telling your story. It is about showing every institution the reason to accept your application. As such, you have to ensure you tell your story in a direct and easy to understand manner. Make sure you tell the selection panel about your unique qualities that set you apart from other applications. 

According to a report on Wikipedia, the number of students enrolled in college will rise through 2020 when the number will reach approximately 23 million students in college. This means more competition for fewer college spots which is a good reason to write a stellar application essay.

Don’t Share Everything

One of the reasons many students struggle to write good application essays is because they want to tell every detail of their life. The pressure is too much and they end up writing a winding story.  If you want to ace this task, narrow down on a specific thing and build on it. For instance, you can focus on a life-changing experience you had in life.

Students in high school getting ready to join college

Write With A  Goal In Mind

What’s the purpose of your essay? If you write without an objective, it is highly likely you will end up with a poor quality paper.  You have to think about how you want the admission officers to perceive you. Do you want to appear as a fighter, a go-getter or a bright yet athletic student? Write down the goals of your paper and make sure you achieve them in the end.

Start Writing Early

If you want to write great college application essays, you should start early. This will give you a lot of time to brainstorm on the subject, read sample papers, do your research, and write several drafts. You can show your drafts to other people including your teachers to get an objective opinion.

The competition for college will continue increasing and to boost your chances; you have to let the admission panel know about unique qualities. Go ahead and use these tips to compose a winning application essay.

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