Common Myths about Exercising and Fitness

The world is full of myths and misconceptions. The same is true for exercising and fitness as well. From what to eat and how to eat to what exercises to do and when to do them, the internet is full of various theories. However, in reality, most of these theories are false, either completely or partially. Following such misleading tips can not only sabotage the hard work you put into getting fit but also cause serious injuries or health risks. Therefore, in this article, we have listed some common myths about exercising and fitness that are currently floating around.

Common Myths about Exercising and Fitness

1.  You need to go to a gym to work-out

What is the most common excuse and myths you have heard for not working out?  We are sure that your answer would be – ‘I do not have the time to go to a gym!’. The reason behind this is the common belief that your workout counts only if you do it in a gym. This is entirely wrong. Your body demands movement. Whether you do it at your home, in a park or a fancy gym, does not make much of a difference. While it is true that going to a gym allows you to work with the latest equipment, there are many ways to substitute those machines with whatever tools you have at your place.

In addition to this, nowadays, many fitness trainers offer virtual fitness classes. You can easily access these classes on your TV or any other device that supports an internet connection. You can also buy exercise DVDs for seniors and enable them to exercise with professional trainers from the safety of their own homes, as and when they want. 

In short, physically visiting a gym is no longer a necessity for exercising. All you need is a strong will and a stable network connection.

2.  You should always stretch before exercising

This is the most commonly believed myth about exercising. We all have grown up listening to our senior family members telling us to stretch before doing any kind of exercise. This is supposed to warm up your body and save you from pulled muscles, etc. However, recent studies have shown some exactly opposite results. According to a study put forward in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, stretching before exercising can make your muscles feel weak and unsteady. This is because stretching loosens up your tendons and makes your muscles become less firm. This reduced tension can increase the chance of injury

As a result, brisk walking should be substituted for stretching. You can resume your stretching routine after your workout.

3.  You should exercise only in the morning

Another myth that is widely accepted as a fact is that you should always exercise in the morning. But, there is no such rule in reality. While exercising in the morning can kickstart your day with some positive vibes (which has its own benefits), it is absolutely fine if you work out in the evening or any other time of the day for that matter. Your fitness depends on how efficiently and regularly you exercise, not on when you exercise.

4.  You should exercise for at least an hour

Again, it is the regularity and efficiency of your fitness routine that matters. This means if you do the right exercises in the right way even for 15-20 mins daily, your body will start showing positive results.

Conclusion about myths of fitness and exercise

Staying fit is important, but knowing the correct do’s and don’ts is also important. So, use this article to educate yourself on the reality so that nothing hinders your fitness growth.

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