Consider 4 Things Before Adding Value To Your Home

Adding value to your home seems like a sure thing. Not only will it earn you a few extra bucks, but it’s not too difficult. With the help of a contractor and some elbow grease, you can increase your house’s price by over 30%. Even better, you can do it yourself by adding curb appeal or updating the kitchen or bathroom.

However, adding value to your home doesn’t always work out in your favor because there are extenuating circumstances to consider. To make sure you end up on the right side of an ROI, here are the four main things to remember. Hopefully, the following will boost your bank balance.

Consider These 4 Things Before Adding Value To Your Home

Adding Value to Your Home with Safety Features

There is an age-old debate about whether a pool is worth the money. Regardless of whether it is or it isn’t, there is a health and safety issue. Families with children need to ensure the kids are secure at all times, and a pool can be a dangerous place. All it takes is one trip or fall. With that in mind, a mesh pool fence is an excellent feature to install. When there is no one around to keep an eye on the kids, you can erect the fence and keep everyone out.

Buyer Trends

Trends go in circles. One year, a pool is the in thing and the next it’s a conservatory. It’s not easy to tell what feature will be popular in the future, but you should try before you invest. Otherwise, there’s a chance you will spend money on something that won’t recoup its cost. As a rule, the additions that never go out of fashion are garages and loft and basement conversions. Why? It’s because they have potential even if the buyer doesn’t like what they see. They can always make a few changes and turn it into something else and add more value to the property.

Storage Solutions

An old room might not look like much until you gut it and start renovating. Then, you realize how much stuff you have and how little space there is. Although it sounds like a small problem, it often escalates into a significant one. To begin with, there is the fact that homes look cluttered and untidy and feel uncomfortable. Secondly, there are extra costs. If you don’t have space at home, you’ll need a storage unit and it might come to a considerable amount in the long-term.

Planning Permission

Sadly, lots of renovations don’t last long. The reason is simple: a lack of foresight. Just because it’s your home doesn’t mean other people won’t have a say it how it looks. If a renovation is gaudy and tacky, your neighbors might object. They can do the same if it impacts their privacy, too. There is nothing as pointless as adding value to your property only to tear it down and lose money. Always check whether planning permission is required beforehand to avoid a nasty incident with the local community.

So, is adding value to your home going to work or will it backfire?

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