Coronavirus Crafting: Fun DIY Ideas for Families

Coronavirus Crafts - DIY ideas for families!Coronavirus Crafting – Discover fun DIY ideas that families can do at home!

Many parents are struggling to keep their kids occupied while practicing social distancing. There are about 400 million entrepreneurs around the world — but if you have to stay home for an indefinite period during the pandemic, you may need some fun projects to pass the time. While your kids might also be bored if schools are closed in your area, they don’t have to be. Here are four crafts parents and kids can enjoy making together.

1. Rope Coasters

Have fun while making something that can protect your furniture. A number of brands have been regaining their previous popularity and familiarity, in part because of the cooperative relationship brands have with the media. If you’ve been watching media coverage lately, you might be aware of the brands whose companies are giving to the public in a time of crisis or voluntarily shutting down until the coronavirus pandemic begins to come under control. This may make it difficult to find some products, so you’ll need to be extra creative while making crafts. Here are the supplies you’ll need to make these rope coasters, as DIY’d by A Beautiful Mess. Substitute other items if you don’t have everything on the list:

  • white felt
  • parachute cord
  • 1/4 inch drawstring cord
  • glue gun or fabric glue
  • fabric scissors
  • yarn needle (with an opening large enough for the neon cord)
  • white electrical tape

Start by cutting a piece of drawstring cord to 48 inches in length. Wrap electrical tape around both ends to prevent fraying and trim so that you’re left with just a 1/4 inch of the taped cord. Begin to coil the rope from one end into a circle pattern, and apply hot glue with the gun or fabric glue to keep it in place as you work. Continue coiling and gluing until the entire cord is in place. Push the cord’s end under the side of the coil so that it’s no longer visible. Fix the end in place with glue on the bottom of the coil.

Thread the neon cord through the yarn needle. Beginning at the bottom, sew a number of two side by side stitches at intervals throughout the coil. The stitches can be the same size or varied. You have the option of knotting the cord below the coil when you begin sewing and when you finish, or you can just use hot glue or fabric glue to fix the ends in place. It’s all right if the bottom of the coil appears messy at this point. The last step will take care of that.

Affix a piece of white felt with hot glue or fabric glue to the bottom of each coaster. Lay a weighty object on them for several minutes to set the glue, and cut any extra felt from the edges.

2. Veggie Stamp Totes

Make decorative lunch bags or grocery totes with this simple project. You’ll need paint for this one. While a good residential paint job can last for eight to 10 years, painting with your kids will be something they remember all their lives. Here are all of the supplies you’ll need:

  • blank totes
  • head of celery
  • okra pods (if you don’t have these veggies on hand, use what you do have to create interesting shapes)
  • toothpick
  • knife
  • fabric paint
  • plate

Cut off the celery and okra tops. Take out seeds from the okra pods with a toothpick. Pour enough fabric paint over the plate so that you can dip in the cut vegetables. Press the paint-coated vegetables against the side of a bag, making whatever shapes and patterns you want. To create celery flowers, use one stalk of celery dipped in paint to form the leaves. If you want to use a second color, cut down the vegetable more and place it in a fresh plate of paint. The label on the fabric paint will tell you how to set the paint; it may recommend ironing the bags.

3. Happy Cloud Pillow

This is an easy project for young children. Here are the supplies you’ll need. Again, you may need to improvise if you don’t have all of these items on hand:

  • white butcher paper
  • yarn
  • black marker
  • chalk pastels
  • hole puncher
  • poly filler

Take the white paper and draw a cloud on it, then fold it and cut the cloud shape out. Punch holes on all sides. With the marker, draw a smiling face, and fill in the cheeks with the chalk pastels in a shade of red or pink. Pull the yarn through the holes, making sure there’s a space where you can put in the poly filler. After you stuff the pillow with filler, close up the gap by threading more yarn through the last of the holes.

4. Handprint Flower Cards

This is another great craft to do with young children. Here are the supplies you’ll need, but again, you may need to make creative substitutions if you don’t have all items on hand:

  • colored cardstock (ideally with some in green)
  • cardstock cards, pre-folded
  • permanent crafter’s tape (or similar sturdy adhesive)
  • pen
  • scissors

Use the pen to do a tracing of your child’s hand on a piece of cardstock and cut out the shape. Repeat according to the number of cards you want to create. If you have green cardstock, use the scissors to cut out simple leaves and stems for flowers, and repeat according to the number of cards. If you don’t have green cardstock for the leaves and stems, try blue or brown instead.

Take a piece of cardstock in white or another light shade and cut out a rectangle that is a little smaller than the front of the pre-folded card. Affix the rectangle to the front of the card with the crafter’s tape, then add the handprint and stem shapes so that they look like a flower, with the handprint as the blossom.

You can still have fun as a family in these challenging times. Staying home doesn’t have to mean binge-watching TV. Crafting together keeps everyone occupied, cuts down on restlessness, and creates lasting memories.

What kind of Coronavirus crafting ideas do you have? Share in the comments!

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