Country Living: Where the Wild Things Are

Country Living — there’s a lot to be said about it. Discover six reasons why we think it’s the best choice for us!

Country Living -- at its finest!

It doesn’t matter where you want to live in the world, you will have a choice between the ocean, the city, or the countryside. It’s not an easy decision to make when you want to move your whole family, especially as everyone will have different ideas about what they want. 

There are plenty of city benefits, plenty of beach benefits, but what about the country? Well, the good news is that we have six exciting benefits to living in the country that will hopefully sway you to that way of living. Let’s take a look:

Cleaner Air

The further you get into the green, the better it smells. How can it not? You have all the lush plants and trees around you instead of a soupy brown haze of pollution from the cars off of the roads. The phytochemicals that are released from the plants are going to keep your lungs healthy and it smells delicious out there in the country.


When you are out in the country, there is less light pollution at night. This means that you’re going to encounter different animals at different times of the day and night. Don’t panic if you find one in your home that shouldn’t be there, just look at for some help! It’s not unusual for it to happen, but wildlife should stay where you can see them – in the wild.

Better Mental Health

When you live away from the rat race of the city, your brain learns to calm down. An urban environment is one that is fast-paced and can make you feel tense and wound up just being around it. Your body responds to the speed of the world around it so the faster the world, the faster your brain and body moves. Your brain is less stimulated in the country, which is a good thing!

It’s Cheaper Living

The city homes are priced by zip/post code. No matter where you live, the rules are the same: the closer to the business district you are, the more expensive it gets. The cost of living in these areas is far higher than the country, and you can spend much less on a bigger house than you would in the city.

A Community Feeling

Countryside towns are often far more close-knit than the urban sprawl of the city. You need to look for a community where everyone is going to be kind and caring – it makes for the perfect environment for a family to grow up in.

Access To Organic Food

When you’re in the country, you can easily access some of the best home-grown foods; and you can easily grow most of these yourself if you wanted to. Think about buying some chickens for fresh eggs, growing your own fruit and veggies and generally living off of the land where you can. It makes such a difference to your health.

There are benefits to country living that you won’t find anywhere else, and the diversity of country land means that if you want something specific in addition to your rural environment—say, nearby water or mountain views—you can get that too. There are always going to be some trade-offs (for me, it’s having to drive two hours just to meet my friends who still live downtown for dinner a couple of times a month), but if you can’t get enough of green meadows and big blue skies, the benefits of country living may just outweigh the negatives.

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