Cozy Relaxation Ideas to Try For The Fall

Ready to get cozy for the fall? The simplest ideas are often the most effective: you don’t necessarily need a personal development coach to feel good about yourself! Everyone can find their bliss and a more optimistic state of mind thanks to a few everyday actions. Here is how to start feeling cozy and warm for the fall.

Stack of sweaters for cozy relaxation for fall

Clean air is cozy!

We often talk about outdoor air pollution. And do not think, if you do not live in London or New York, that you are not concerned. But no, because even inside, the air is not necessarily the healthiest. If we had to measure the quality of the air we breathe at home, we would be surprised! That is why many people open their windows, to try and circulate the air. So 10 minutes of ventilation each day is enough to make the air in the house much more breathable. You may do it more easily in the morning, while you are getting ready and active: you will be less likely to catch a cold in winter and you will not have to think about it at night when you get home

Breathe in, breathe out 

The effective breathing exercise: Take 5 minutes and inhale through your nose for a count of 3. Then exhale while doing the same. Cycle 5 deep breaths (inhale + exhale), straightening up, and focus on the air flowing through your body. Be aware of the air that inflates your belly. You can prolong the exercise by counting to 4, then 5. 

Seek balance my diet too

Anxiety is unfortunately a big part of everyday life for many and can really hurt your body too. It can cause issues such as long term acid reflux, headaches, poor sleep, and even deficiencies that may lead to fatigue. So how do you start feeling better and getting in tune? Feeling warm and cozy is important. You may want to look at warm drink benefits to start with. It then begins with a diet as diverse as possible, at the rate of 3 to 4 meals a day taken in good conditions (preferably sitting down, calm, slowly) to contribute to your well-being. By always taking pleasure in concocting cozy appetizing dishes, in all simplicity! Learn to juggle between gluttony and balance, listening to your needs and desires, understanding when your body is full and giving it the right nutrients and the right amounts. 

Keep the technology off at night

Good sleep falls under many parameters. So, you already know that you have to be careful not to practice a dynamic sport late at night, not to abuse caffeinated drinks, to sleep in a moderately heated room, not to get too hot and therefore create a perfect environment. You must also unplug the Wi-Fi so that there are no distractions to go online. Note that the light from the screens (blue + backlighting system) promotes wakefulness. It is therefore particularly advisable to move away from it about an hour before bedtime, and to immerse yourself in a room with a source of subdued light to be cozy.

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