Cozy Winter Drinks to Warm Your Soul

Cozy winter drinks are a must-have when the temperatures begin to drop. These four drink options will warm your soul!

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During the colder seasons, there’s nothing more relaxing than a nice warm drink to settle your nerves and get settled into the day. Most people have heard of drinking hot cocoa, but did you know that there are a lot of other drinks that you can try that have a lot more health value? Here are four ideas to get you started!

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Spiced Coconut-Almond Milk

If you’ve been looking into healthy drinks for quite some time you may have heard of some of the ingredients that are essential to this amazing drink. To make spiced coconut-almond milk, you simply need to blend a tablespoon of coconut oil into a hot cup of almond milk, add ½ teaspoon of turmeric, freshly grated ginger, cinnamon, and vanilla with a pinch of nutmeg. Turmeric is well known for its antibacterial properties, as well as ginger, so you can be sure that when you sit down with it, you’ll be getting some nutritious and helpful nourishment. You can drink this milk alone or mix it in with other cozy winter drinks during the holidays.

Sage Tea

Sage tea is well known for its soothing and brain boosting properties, but best of all, it’s a very simple tea that you can easily make in just a few minutes. Just boil some water, and take dry sage leaves and place them in the hot water. If you want to sweeten the tea, you can use lemon slices and honey to give it a more pleasant.

Cinnamon ACV Tea

Cinnamon ACV tea is excellent for controlling breath odor, keeping blood sugar balanced, and lots of other amazing benefits like its ability to help you to improve arterial health, aiding in the prevention of heart disease.  All you need is a cup of hot water, some lemon slices, cinnamon, a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, and a tablespoon or two of honey, depending on the amount of sweetness that you prefer.

London Fog

This atmospheric sounding tea is an interesting blend of Earl Grey, almond milk, honey and a bit of vanilla blended until slightly frothy. Not only is the London Fog a soothing drink, but it also has natural antioxidant and antibacterial properties. It is also known to have a relaxing effect when consumed. It is believed that this effect comes from the bergamot in the tea. Be sure to steep in the hot water, and add the milk later.

I love a good cup of hot coffee or cocoa through the winter months; but these drinks help spice up my options.

Which of these cozy winter drinks would you want to try? Comment below!


  1. Hi Shelly, Nice sounding drinks. Here we are in the midst of a very hot summer so cold drinks are our fare at the moment, but I like your recipes. Will try to get back here in winter….

    • Thanks for stopping by, Dianne! Oh, I’m sure it’s way too warm in Australia right now for these. We are around 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0 Celsius) right now. It’s been an unseasonably warm late fall/early winter here. What are your favorite summer beverages?

  2. I’m not usually a fan of hot drinks, but the cinnamon acv tea sounds intriguing!

  3. Wow!, Shelly – some of those hot drinks sound fantastic! I’m also sweltering through an Australian summer so I’ll have to wait a few months to try them, but I definitely will.

  4. I rarely drink hot drinks but I do like the sound of the spiced coconut almond milk.

    • I’m usually not a fan of hot drinks, either; but since I’ve been sick the past two weeks, they have been wonderful! I prefer coffee in the mornings. A hot cup of tea with a little chamomile is a favorite of mine before bedtime.

  5. Some interesting drinks to keep warm.Hot cocoa is something I love too! #Blogboost

  6. I think I may have to try the Sage tea. I have some dry sage leaves in my kitchen.

  7. These all sound good! I think I would try the spiced coconut almond milk or the London Fog first.

  8. I sit here, sipping my cinnamon-spiced chai, thinking that these are great ideas to add to the hot tea list. CHEERS!

  9. Great drinks to be sure. The Spiced Coconut-Almond fits nicely into the keto diet for those following it. The others will also work well with just a little adjustment to replace the honey with a keto sweetener. Thank you for sharing. I usually start my morning with a cup of keto coffee but I do enjoy a good warm drink later during the day or evening.

    • Your days start like mine! I enjoy a cup or two of coffee in the mornings and enjoy warm drinks later in the day. I don’t follow keto but that’s a good point to add to it. Thanks for stopping by!

  10. Hi Shelly! I am intrigued by the Cinnamon ACV tea. I love cinnamon and vinegar! Who knew? I am tired of my plain ole tea, so this could be a nice change up.

    • Tea is such a versatile drink! It’s pretty amazing all of the combinations you can create. And when you get health benefits on top of delicious flavor, that’s a huge bonus in my book.

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