Create Zen Zones in Offices for De-stressing – Here’s How

Most of us spend maximum time working in the office for almost eight to nine hours. Therefore, it is important for the office space to be designed in such a way that it enhances productivity and creativity of the employees. Office design is an excellent business investment.

A stunning workspace design can result in a less taxing and more productive atmosphere. It is vital that employers take into account the physical work environment of their employees. In order to produce the best work, employees should feel comfortable and calm in their physical work settings and this can be possible by creating a Zen workspace which helps employees feel more productive and balanced. Mentioned below are some of the tips that explain how to create Zen zones in offices for de-stressing.

How to Create a Zen Workplace

Get organized

It is very important to stay organized in the office space. Make sure that the papers on the desk are only the ones that you are currently working with. Therefore, you should arrange all those loose papers in the workspace and file them or simply throw them away if they are no more required. You must repeat the process at the end of each workday as in this manner you will be able to keep the place well organized.

How to Create a Zen Workplace - Get Organized

Utilize music and sound in the workplace

Both sound and other music can be very useful to create a Zen workspace. In case you find present-day music to be very disturbing, select ambient music or instrumental tracks. You should ideally choose the music or the song that works for you. However, in case you work in an open office space with cubicles, find out what the company culture is like in regards to the use of headphones.

How to Create a Zen Workplace - Utilize Music

Choose quiet working areas

Quiet zones are ideal for productivity. You can select a space of the company that is located away from the hum and buzz of the office, and place chairs and tables for employees to use. These places should be reserved for employees who want to get a break from the noise even as they are working.

The quiet zones are ideal places to get work done as they can decrease disruption and enhance productivity. They are less cut off than a cubicle or private office, while still maintaining a sense of quiet space. However, in case additional space is available, it may be beneficial to think about adding private working zones too.

Use a vacant conference room or an empty office to select a private working area. This is almost the same as that of a quiet zone however they usually include walls and doors and often look like that of a conventional office space. This type of working area can help to eliminate any chance of interruption and allow busy employees to feel as productive as possible. 

How to Create a Zen Workplace - Quiet Space

Add plants to your cubicle, office or desk

Including plants in the work environment not only revamp the environment but has been established to reduce stress, decrease absenteeism, increase positive feelings, lower blood pressure, lower noise levels, lower humidity and decrease room temperature. If you want you can also place some artificial plants and trees as well in the office space as they look similar to that of the real plants and need little or absolutely no maintenance. The fake bamboo trees, artificial Japanese maple tree, imitation bonsai trees and faux hanging plants can be used to decorate the office space. These artificial plants can be placed near to the cubicle or on the office desk or in the corners of the room as they can impart a soothing and distressed effect on the mind of the employees.

How to Create a Zen Workplace - Plants

Add diffusers in the workplace

The scent is often regarded as the vast emotional elicit for individuals as it is one of the best ways by which the brain unite with memories. If we use scent deliberately in our office we can create a Zen workspace. Diffusers are in fact a great option for creating a more Zen workspace especially if you want to enhance the energy in your space. Electronic diffusers provide outstanding control but have a propensity to emit a lovable scent which may not be ideal for open workspaces where co-workers may not prefer this. One more option available to use scent at work to create a more Zen workspace is to use a roller ball. These simple looking little canisters can fit into your pocket or a bag very easily.

Pay attention to light

Natural lighting can help to boost happiness, health and productivity. While not every office has the luxury of a large office window, most workers can change out fluorescent lights for something that is soft and has a calming effect. Supplemental lighting such as a computer clip light, desk lamp or even a floor lamp in the corner of the room can assist create a comforting environment that can be soothing for the eyes and can enhance the mood and energy level of the employees by reducing stress.

Office Zen - Lighting

Physical comfort

Employees should feel physically at ease so as to maintain productivity all through the day and to stay de-stressed. Thus, the offices should invest in quality chairs, desks, and space for the employees. Make sure that employees also have the chance to stand and stretch all through the day. The office can also think of investing in exercise balls or standing desks.

Zen Office - Comfy Chair

It is important to be a good communicator

Poor communication can cause confusion and thus can result in stress in the office. In case the employees within the office are not communicating well, make suggestions, ask questions and do whatever can be done to improve the situation.

Zen Office - Good Communication


These are some of the simple tips that you can consider when it comes to creating Zen zones in offices for de-stressing. Keep in mind that designing a productive and stress-free workspace does not have to be pricey or complicated. By just providing areas to refresh for the employees and taking their ease into account, you can make delicate changes easily as this can enhance the physical environment at your office.



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