Day Off with the Kids? Try These 3 Activities!

Being a parent can be a lot of work, especially if you have to balance a full-time job with quality time with your children. Taking a day or two off of work to spend time with your family can not only improve your relationship with them, but it can also improve your performance at work. In fact, a professional services firm by the name of Ernst & Young conducted a study of its employees and found that for each additional 10 hours of vacation time their employees took, performance ratings at the end of the year improved by 8 percent. So, why not take this time to do something fun with your children? After all, up to 92 percent of people claim that vacation time is important to them.

Here are three ideas of some great bonding opportunities for your day off.

Go Boating and Fishing

Boating and fishing are great American pastimes and are extremely popular among both adults and kids. In 2017, there were an estimated 11.6 million youth that participated in some sort of fishing in the United States. As for boating, there are over 87 million adults who engage in recreational boating. These two combined can give you a delightful summer day off.

If you don’t own a boat, you can turn this into a fun canoe trip in the local lake or pond, accompanied by a picnic lunch and some fun stories. Or, you could go to a local historic waterfront that provides boat tours. For example, New York provides “the locks” on the Erie Canal, where you can experience this historic transportation system. If you’d rather leave the boat trip for another time, there are many piers, lakes, and rivers where you can cast a line and relax with your kids. For younger children, this can be a great opportunity to let them be creative with the different lures and bobbers. Make sure to give them freedom so they have as much fun as possible.

Go to a Museum

Museums can be great for kids of all ages, whether your kids are five years old and in preschool or just entering high school. For older kids, this can be a great way to find areas of interest that they may have not otherwise known about. Take going to an art museum, for instance. Browsing through the different pieces of art, from sculptures to modern paintings, might provoke an interest in the arts, or even art history. With the global art market valued at $64 billion in 2017, it might not be a bad idea to foster that passion. This can help your child explore their interests and be a great bonding point for any that you may share.

Do Some DIY

Finally, staying home and tackling some fun DIY projects might be a great way to spend a day off with the kids. For younger children, this could include some fun crafts to hang on the refrigerator or around the house. For older kids, this could range from some easy furniture building to completely renovating a certain area of the house.

While renovating with your kids, it’s important to choose a project where your child can feel like they’re helping and putting some hard work in, but not too difficult where it could be overwhelming for them. 40 percent of all remodeling activity is minor additions and alterations, and this might be a great start for a child who is interested in construction or house design, where alterations, like painting a room or changing a door, could be a great project for those who just want to help out. Consider teaching your kids how to check the windows and doors for draftiness, too. Just like museums, this can be a great way for your children to gain experience in another area that they may be passionate about.

No matter what you do with your kids on your day off, it’s clear that spending quality time with them, allowing them to be themselves and have fun, is priceless. There’s no need to throw a huge party with over 100 guests to show your kids they’re special. Strengthening the relationship with your children and helping them realize their passions and interests is an investment that will pay dividends of happiness in the long term.

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  1. These are all fun ideas. Getting your kids in the kitchen is fun for them too!

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