Different Activities for Your Children to Enjoy

When you have children you want to spend time with them and find interesting activities to keep them busy. It can feel tricky at times to think of new and creative ways to keep them occupied, but if you are stuck for ideas here is some inspiration to help you. 

It can be an easy solution to just place your children in front of a tv or hand them a tablet or cellphone to play a video game with. But over time constantly gluing them in front of a blue screen can have a negative effect on their mental and physical wellbeing. So you want to try and minimize this activity as much as you can and instead encourage mental and physical creativity.

Little girl excited to be baking with her mom for a fun afternoon activities

Cooking and Baking Activities

Getting your children involved in activities such as cooking and baking is a great way to keep them occupied whilst also spending quality time together. It enables you to teach your children about good quality food and how to make simple meals which are both nutritious and tasty. Ideally you want them to grow up on a healthy, natural diet so that they can benefit nutritionally from it. Home cooked meals made from fresh ingredients is certainly the best way to demonstrate this to your children


Not everyone is going to be good at the same activities, but enabling your children to use their imagination and allow their creativity to flow is important. You could encourage them to paint or draw what they would like on a regular basis. Even being able to draw from memory is a particularly useful skill to trigger the brain into memory recognition. All you need is some blank paper or canvas, paints, or paintbrushes and they are all good to go. 

A Camping Trip 

Camping is a great outdoor activity in which you can get your children involved in. They can be outdoors in nature, breathing in fresh air and learning about their surroundings. It enables them to learn about basic survival skills which they would not be exposed to on a normal daily basis as they are usually surrounded by technology. When you go on your camping trips you will also need the correct equipment and clothing to take with you to really make the most of your trips. EcoGearFX.com, is a good place to start, to get what you need for your outdoor activities


Learning how to swim is an important skill to teach your children from a young age. If possible it is good to take them to your local swimming pool and get them splashing about in the water. When they are still quite young it might also be useful to go on day trips to a nearby lake or beach so that your children can have a dip in the water and you can be there to supervise them as they learn the different swimming strokes. 

You can also play ball games in the water and build sandcastles if you are on a sandy beach, so there are multiple ways to have fun with them as well as learn how to swim. The more you can do when they are young, the more likely they will enjoy this activity as they grow up and will take it up as a hobby or even professionally. 


Getting your kids involved in hands-on activities such as gardening is definitely a positive way to encourage healthy eating and an interest in how food grows and how to minimize food waste, an increasingly relevant topic today. You can set up your own vegetable garden and provide each child with a plant to look after to give them a sense of responsibility and to keep them occupied. They will soon enjoy the routine of going outside to check on how the vegetables are doing and seeing them gradually ripen, ready to be picked and eaten. 

Sports/Physical Activities

Trying out various different sports or physical activities is a good way to get your child up and moving about doing exercise. The last thing you want them to do is sit at home all day staring at a tv screen or playing virtual games as this will do nothing to keep their physical health in good condition. 

Try incorporating some sort of sports in your free time or in your next vacation plans. It doesn’t need to be anything too complicated, even just getting them to cycle or have a run will be better than nothing. Group activities such as baseball or basketball are quite fun to get them involved in. You don’t need much in the way of equipment either, just some comfy sneakers, a ball and a nearby park to practise in. 

Overall it can sometimes feel a bit of a challenge to try and think of new activities to keep your children entertained whilst also leading a healthy active lifestyle. The more you can do together as a family unit, the more likely they are to have a happy time and perhaps enjoy the new activity. After all, you just want them to be healthy and happy in life. There is not much more a parent could wish for really for their kids

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