Do You Listen to Your Gut? What It’s Telling You

Do you listen to your gut? The gut of your body is a second brain; they’re directly connected to each other, and it’s even possible that the gut developed before the brain we have upstairs did! Either way, the digestive system is very old, as living and breathing organisms have always needed to eat. Thus, it only makes sense that we often get gut feelings that give us pretty good incentive – it’s an age old system that has all of the wisdom of its years! 

But aside from the mental connection the gut and the brain seem to share, a gut that’s good at digestion can make use feel super healthy and super strong. On the other hand, a gut that’s struggling to perform its primary function might be tipping both our energy and our moods over into the negative!

So, it’s time to listen to your gut, to make sure you’re living your life right, and are eating and drinking properly. Here’s just a couple of informal suggestions that might help you listen to the brain in your belly a bit more.

Do you listen to your gut?

Your Gut Takes Care of Your Whole Body!

Your body contains a lot of organs, and they’re all important in their own way. But seeing as the gut deals with one of the most primary needs a human being has to deal with, a.k.a., nutrition, it’s a system that takes care of the whole of your body

There’s a lot of bacteria in the gut, and whilst this fact might freak you out a little at first, it’s actually a good thing. A whole ecosystem of microbes and probiotics exist inside there, and they make sure your digestion works at its best, to feed and oxygenate the rest of your body

So make sure you’re taking any discomfort up with a medical professional. A digestive doctor is someone you should see on a regular basis, to make sure your gut is working properly, and you’re not feeding it any substances it might not like. After all, the digestive system can be finicky at best! 

Your Gut Can Even Improve Your Moods

It’s often been found that the gut is linked to levels of anxiety, and mental health as a whole. So at a basic level, if you have a healthy gut, you’re going to be feeling quite light and stable. And if your gut doesn’t get the right foods or microbial support, there’s a good chance you’re often down in the dumps. 

Microbes in the gut can produce neurochemicals, which include the good stuff that makes us feel happy. Quite a bit of serotonin can be produced in the gut, and for anyone who’s low in levels, following a new diet that helps to promote production of serotonin really does improve their health. And remember, when we get nervous, we feel butterflies in the stomach for a reason!

Your gut does a lot for you, and goes hand in hand with your brain. Make sure you listen to your gut in return! 

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