Does Your Motor Suit Your Personality?

Let’s face it, a car is one of these functional things that a lot of us need in our lives. A car can make life a little more flexible, enable you to commute to work at a greater distance or just pack up and leave to go away at a moment notice. But, does your motor suit your personality? There are evidential ways that the way you car looks or the way you act towards your car can be an expression of your personality. Here are some observations to consider.   

Does Your Motor Suit Your Personality?

Does Your Motor Suit Your Personality?

Added modifications


It could be that you love your car, the manufacturer and they style, but you’d like to make some improvements. There are many ways that you can add modifications to your car. You can take a sensible approach and install things like mud flaps. Or you can go for a more sports appeal, and add a body kilt, spoilers, motor upgrades and make it look like a muscle car. You could even get the vehicle wrapped and change the color of it.


The tech whizz


Maybe you consider yourself to be into your technology, and your car might be at the stage now where it has had all of the latest additions. These days a car can have voice control, internet hotspot and monitor your driving style and ability. You can also add technology enhancements to the car such as TV’s and DVD’s, or even enhancing the onboard computer with different applications.


Sensible much?


It might be that you are the type of personality that is sensible. A lot of people show common sense when it comes to their vehicles. Such as regularly checking the oil and water levels and booking into places such as Moab Auto Shop for servicing and motor repairs. A car is a machine, and if it isn’t checked over or cared for in the right way, they can be dangerous. Even if you are not normally sensible, make sure your car is the one area where this differs.


Looks are everything


Are looks everything to you? Then maybe your car is an extension of this when it comes to how it looks. Perhaps your whole car search was based solely around how it looked on the inside and outside. Or maybe you have a vehicle that you can’t afford to change, but like the idea of making modifications such as the ones we mentioned earlier. Perhaps it is just a case of always wanting to keep it clean and presentable. Getting your vehicle regularly valeted and polished.


Scrap that, performance is everything


Perhaps looks aren’t your thing. Maybe it is all about the driving style and how it makes you feel when you grasp that wheel. The sounds the engine makes, the speed it can easily get to. Even the performance in terms of fuel efficiency and how well it handles on the road. Are these the things that are important to you when it comes to your car?


Let’s hope this has highlighted some of the changes or focuses that are important to you when it comes to your car.

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