Don’t Let Low Self-Confidence Ruin The Party

Don’t let low self-confidence ruin the party this year!

Christmas is in a little over 100 days. For anybody who’s planning to throw a fantastic family dinner to celebrate, it’s very little time to get ready. Of course, we’re not talking about your Christmas menu. The festive season is the opportunity to put on your best seasonal outfit and wows your guests.

Ultimately, you want to approach the holiday feeling good in your skin and looking fabulous. Low self-confidence? No one has time for that! After all, what’s the point of planning huge family reunions if you’re not going to steal the show with your most seductive outfit? 

The only real problem about it is that with a little over 100 days to get ready, you know that it might be too late to fix the mistakes, indulgences, and inattention of the year. However, you’ve still got a few aces up your sleeve to feel like a million bucks at the Christmas dinner’s table. A bit of advice, though: There’s no time to waste!

Don't Let Low Self-Confidence Ruin the Party!

Choose your outfit carefully

If you’re in the process of looking for the best Christmas outfit, it’s a good idea to stay away from the seasonal patterns that might not be flattering. Ultimately, when everybody buys the same deer or Christmas tree dress, it’s fair to say that unfortunate comparisons can happen. Instead, take no chances and create a fabulous outfit that works for you and gives you all the confidence boost you need. Because, let’s be honest, you may not be a size zero by Christmas, and if you’re feeling uncomfortable sitting next to some of your fittest relatives, the last thing you want is to wear the same outfit. Finding unique, stand-out pieces that makes you feel fabulous without looking like everyone else is half the battle. The rest is all about understanding which colors are your friends.

Make peace with your body at last

You don’t fit in your favorite winter outfit of the previous year. Oh no! Could it be that the sweet summer treats and enthusiastic bbq parties were not all harmless? Oops. The question you want to ask is: How much weight can I expect to lose if I stop eating now? Well, starving yourself is not only unhealthy, but it is also incredibly counter-productive. However, if you’re keen to see rapid changes, you should consider a keto diet. While the keto diet is not sustainable in the long term – it can be harmful to your health –, it can do wonders before Christmas. You can even enhance the effects of the high-fat and low-carb diet with dedicated supplements – however, do make sure to do your research before you buy anything, – to boost fat loss. Combined with a workout plan, you can shrink back to your ideal size in no time. But, be careful to opt for healthy food options over Christmas to keep the positive results of your efforts!

Glowing skin is as simple as that

Ultimately, looking healthy doesn’t have anything to do with your weight. Someone like Lizzo shines like a beautiful diamond, even though she’s not a size zero. The secret is to look after your skin. Indeed, healthy skin can give you a glowing and glamorous look and erases all your insecurities. Your skin reflects your lifestyle, and especially what you eat, as per tips. Therefore, choosing healthy foods can dramatically improve your complexion. Cooked tomatoes boost collagen strength – which maintains your youthful look – for instance. Sweet potatoes give you a radiant glow like a soft tan. Turmeric should become your go-to spice for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities.

Snip snap, hello beautiful

If you’re bored with the woman that looks back at you in the mirror, it might be time to experiment with new looks. Have you considered a haircut? Take a look at this Spotlight slideshow that explains in a few pictures why a haircut can make you feel like a different person. For tired and dull-looking hair, especially, a sharp bob style can help to boost follicle health and transform your face. You don’t need to try anything dramatic. You could add a fringe to frame your face and accentuate your eyes, for instance. Bangs can inject a lot of depth into your look without having to decide for a radical new style.

Surround yourself with positive people

Last but not least, your guests are the most crucial element of Christmas. They are the ones who make you feel beautiful, secure, and loved. All you need to feel like yourself again is for the people you cherish to remind you that you are absolutely PERFECT the way you are.

But…I’m going to look horrendous at Christmas. No. it’s time to kick those negative thoughts in the backside and embrace your Christmas prep plan. From a new haircut to a cheeky diet adjustment, you can outshine the Christmas tree star this winter!

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