Dreaming Of A Greener Christmas: Eco-Friendly Festive Tips


Christmas is a time of giving, right? Well, here’s something to consider for this festive season. Why not have a greener Christmas, giving something back to the world by caring for the environment?

Of course, if you live life on a farm, you might support sustainable practices anyway. You might use recycled plastic lumber to strengthen your defenses during the winter period. You might use the food you grow for your Christmas dinners. And you might even have access to trees you have grown yourself to light up your living room over the season. But living on farmland or not, there is still much more you can do. Considering the amount of waste at Christmas, including food, paper, and plastic containers, we are in danger of creating more harm than good.

So, here are a few tips to ensure your Christmas is a greener one, giving you the opportunity to gift the world we live in.

Think about the gifts you give.

Rather than letting unwanted gifts end up in the landfill, why not think outside the box (literally) with your giving? You might donate to a charity on somebody else’s behalf, or you might gift an experience instead of an actual product. However, if you do want to give an actual gift, ensure you use a company that uses sustainable materials. One such company is Eartheasy, and not only will you find eco-friendly gift ideas on their site, but you can also purchase reusable bags to put them in.

Think about your Christmas tree.

If you have been able to grow your own, then great. But if not, consider where your tree comes from. Try and choose a tree that has been sustainably grown locally, as you will both support local businesses and do your bit for the environment. And when you have finished with it, replant it, or recycle the tree by using it for mulch for your garden. Alternatively, use a fake tree, remembering to store it away until next year, instead of chucking it away with the garbage after use. And when it comes to decorating your tree, make your own decorations, using the ideas given here as earth-friendly examples. This will both save you money and reduce your environmental impact, especially when it comes to those decorations that are plastic and destined for the landfill after use.

Think about the cards you send.

Why not send e-Cards instead of their paper alternative? Not only will save yourself a fortune on stamps, but you will also reduce paper waste, because let’s be honest, how many of us actually keep our Christmas cards after the season has ended? Of course, if you do receive cards yourself, don’t be that person who chucks them away. Instead, consider these creative ways to upcycle your cards, making use of what you have been given long after the Christmas season.

Finally, think about the food you eat.

Buy from locally produced sources, and go for organic and free-range when possible. And say goodbye to waste by a) only buying the food you will realistically eat, and b) freezing your leftovers, and reusing it for your family meals in the days and weeks to come. Oh, and as we alluded at the beginning, whether you live on a farm or not, you might still consider growing your own food (and raising your own Christmas turkey) for your festive meals.

Dreaming of a greener Christmas?

We all should be, so use the ideas we have given you here, and share your eco-friendly ideas with us. We wish you a happy and green Christmas!

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