Easy to Clean Bedrooms for Children


Easy to clean bedrooms for children are great for the entire family. They’re more organized and relaxing. Check out a few tips!

Staying on top of mess is tough when you have kids, and it’s always an uphill battle to get them to clean their room. But if you consider the mess problem when designing a child’s bedroom, you can make life a lot easier for yourself. There are some simple tricks that you can use to design an easy-clean bedroom, so you will get fewer complaints when you ask them to tidy. These are some of the best ways to design a child’s bedroom that is easy to clean.

Easy to clean bedrooms for children are relaxing and more fun!

Built-In Wardrobes 

Having a lot of storage space is vital in a child’s bedroom because, if there isn’t plenty of storage, their toys and clothes will be all over the floor. A big wardrobe is great, but you need to remember that your child also needs plenty of space to play in their room. The best way to get all of the storage that you need without wasting space is to use built in wardrobes instead of free standing ones. Your child will have a lot of room to put all of their clothes and toys away and they will still have plenty of room for playing. 

Get Some Storage Boxes 

Kids toys get everywhere and it seems like as soon as you tidy them away, they immediately clutter up the house again. The easiest way around this is to get some simple storage boxes in your child’s room. It only takes them a second to put their toys back in the boxes after they are done playing and once you get them into the habit, you will find it a lot easier to keep your home clutter free.  

Add Some Shelves 

Shelving is another simple way to keep clutter off the floor. If your kids have a lot of books or small toys that don’t have a dedicated place, they will soon end up all over the place. A few simple floating shelves give your child a lot of extra storage space. It also gives them an opportunity to style their own room by styling the shelves in the way that they choose. 

Use Wipe Clean Surfaces 

Soft furnishings are not the best idea in a child’s bedroom because there is bound to be some spills and mess. If you have carpets in there, you will have to contend with stains and you will need to vacuum constantly to keep on top of the mess. It’s much easier to clean if you have hardwood floors instead. You should also consider the paint that you use, especially if you have young children. You can get some great wipe clean paint that is quick and easy to clean if there is any crayon or sticky finger marks on the walls. If you put any furniture in their room, always go for wood that is easily cleaned rather than any sofas or armchairs. 

It’s always going to be a challenge keeping your child’s bedroom clean but if you use these design tips, you can create easy to clean bedrooms!

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