Emergency-Ready – Is Your Family Prepared?

With all of the news of the tornadoes and storms happening across the country, I thought it would be a good time to assess if our family is emergency-ready. Are your supplies in order and do you have a rock solid go-to plan of action? While we can’t prepare for every second of an event, being prepared puts us ahead of the game when an emergency need does arise. Check out how we’re making our home emergency-ready!

Emergency-Ready - Is Your Family Prepared?

Have a designated meeting spot.

Storms can hit any time of the day (or night!). It’s important for your family to know where to meet up. Cell phone and landline services may not be usable, so it’s important to have a plan beforehand.

Make copies of important documents.

Chances are, you don’t keep copies of birth certificates, social security cards, vehicle titles, home documents, etc. on your body while sleeping. If an event happens at night, you need to know that your documents are available along with your emergency go-bag. Important documents should be kept in a fire-proof safe; but it’s a great idea to have them easily accessible in the event your home is unsafe to return to for a bit.

Redora Emergency Bag in closet

Inform all family members of the location of your emergency-ready bag.

My husband would be quick to tell you that if you want to know where something is in our house, I am the person to ask! It’s not because my family is clueless when it comes to their belongings. I am terrible about re-organizing drawers and rooms to create the best possible flow for our routine. If something isn’t working where it’s at, I move it. This is why it’s important for all of your family members to know where the emergency bag is kept.

Keep an emergency bag in each vehicle.

Keep an emergency bag in each vehicle.

Let me start by saying that attempting to out-run storms is NOT a good idea. Be alert and aware of your surroundings while on the road and have a plan of action in case your immobilized. Keeping a small kit in your car can really come in handy! Redfora offers an awesome selection of items you’ll need including light and power sources, food, water, tools, first aid items, etc.

Shop Redfora for all of your emergency needs.

Redfora emergency supplies

Visit Redfora to shop the emergency kits and supplies to fit the needs of your family and loved ones!

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