Engage Your Children With These Fun DIY Bedroom Decor Projects

Has your family recently moved into a new home? On average, American homeowners move every five to seven years, and perhaps your family is recently part of this statistic. Whether you’ve just moved or you’ve been settled into your family home for a few years now, your kids’ bedrooms can always use some new, creative decorations. With more time spent indoors these days, here are some fun DIY home decor projects that will allow your kids to take part in making decorations for their own bedrooms.

Handmade Wall Art

A fun family project to get your kids started is simply giving them canvas or heavy-duty paper to create their own wall decor. Supply them with paint, paintbrushes, markers, stickers, crayons, colored pencils – you name it. Whether your child is three years old, eight, or thirteen, making a decoration for their own space gives them room to be creative and make something they will get to enjoy seeing every day.

If you’re in a new home and your kids would like to get started on establishing themes for their bedrooms, creating wall art is a great start. A baseball-themed room may warrant a baseball-themed painting. A ballerina-themed painting would complement a dance-themed bedroom. Your kids’ interests and hobbies can be the center of their rooms. At the same time, though, don’t limit your children. Allow them to express themselves through their own artwork, even if it means having several different themes in one room!

If your kids paint or create on canvases, utilize small nails to hang up their work. If your kids created wall art on paper, consider framing it – and even let them paint the frames. Then, mount their artwork in their bedrooms. Handmade wall art can be the first step in the decoration process.

Painted Walls

Aside from hung wall art, have you considered letting your kids directly paint on their bedroom walls? If the walls are already a neutral color, such as grey or white, this may be a fun way to allow a bedroom theme to come to life. A painted ballerina on a wall would be beautiful, and a baseball and bat combo would look adorable as well. Your kids will love seeing their own artwork — and once they’ve grown out of it, you can simply paint over their masterpieces.

Repurposing Unused Items Into Decor

If you have a box of unused items that your children have recently grown out of, whether it be gadgets or toys, consider finding ways to repurpose them into decorations. For example, if your older kids don’t use their skateboards anymore, perhaps a younger child could utilize them as a bedroom decoration. A skateboard can be turned into a shelf with some handiwork involving some wood and nails. Books, toys, and knickknacks can be stored on these handy and trendy shelves.

Over 157 million Americans are in credit card debt, and perhaps your family would like to avoid a debt catastrophe by being cautious of your money spending habits, especially during the holiday season. Repurposing old items and turning them into decorations for your kids’ rooms DIY-style is a great way to save money. Kids’ room decor will only be utilized and loved by your children for a period of time, so don’t spend a ton of money on expensive decor and kid-themed furniture that won’t be useful in a few years.

Other ideas for repurposing unused items into decor include turning an old ladder into a shelving space for your kids’ stuff, painting old crates and attaching wheels to them for under-the-bed storage, and turning an unused baby crib into a handy bench. Think creatively and allow your kids to explore their own ideas as well.

Creative Nightlights

Do your kids enjoy sleeping with nightlights? There are several creative DIY-style nightlight ideas your kids will love. First, you can turn foam cups into nightlights. First, have your kids paint them. Carve out some shapes and patterns, too. Then, stick some battery-operated mini flashlights inside. Your kids will see the patterns they etched out of the cup illuminate at night.

You can also create a birdhouse nightlight by purchasing cheap wooden birdhouses at a craft store. Be sure it has an etched out pattern and plenty of holes for the light to shine through. Have your kids paint and decorate them. Similar to the foam cups, stick battery-operated mini flashlights inside and let your kids enjoy this unique take on a nightlight!

Window Art and Decor

Another way to decorate your kids’ bedrooms is by creating some window art. Americans have a one in five chance of buying a home that’s a part of a Home Owner’s Association (HOA). If you’re in a new home that is part of an HOA, be sure to check its rules on home decorations that can be seen by the neighborhood before getting started.

Window art is a fun and unique way for your kids to decorate their bedrooms. Simply purchasing washable window paint and markers allows your kids to draw whatever they’d like on their windows – whether it be words, their favorite animals, or a mural that matches the theme of their bedroom. Removable window stickers – big or small – are fun decorations too. Consider creating garland-style decorations to hang across the windows as well. A string of baseballs, ballerinas, animals, or even night lights is a fun piece to dress up your kids’ bedrooms and perhaps stick to a theme, too.

Engage your kids in some creative DIY home decor projects, and use these ideas to get you started. Allow your kids to think creatively. A bedroom is supposed to be a safe space for a person, so let your children decorate their rooms in ways that allow them to express themselves and feel happy.

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