Essential Home Checks To Make Before The Festive Season

With the festive season fast approaching, there are several essential home checks that homeowners should do in order to ensure that they can live comfortably throughout the merriment and decreasing temperatures.

From kitchen to bedroom, outside the home and in, it’s important that you give your property a ‘MOT’ (moment of truth) so that you and your family do not have to experience any avoidable problems this holiday period that can ruin the fun completely. So, if you’d like your home festivities to continue without encountering any unexpected bumps on the way, then read on to discover what essential home checks you can make to reduce the risks today!

Essential Home Checks To Make Before The Festive Season

In The Kitchen

With food being such an important part of Christmas, its vital that your kitchen is ready for the mayhem that is about to unfold. There are so many extravagant and time consuming dishes to make, especially on the big, and your kitchen has to accommodate all of this cooking with ease. Finding out that you don’t have the right equipment or discovering your appliances are broken at the very last moment will leave you up the creek without a paddle, ruining all of your hard work with no chance of fixing the situation without several weeks and a potentially high price tag. Instead, go around your kitchen and test all of your appliances individually, sourcing things like fridge and oven repair services by doing research online for the best providers should you encounter any issues along the way. Make sure you do this at least a month before the season is in full swing, as you need the appropriate time to organize any replacements ahead of the super busy period. 

Dropping Temperatures

The festive season brings joy, presents, family time, and unfortunately, freezing temperatures. The temperature seems to drop dramatically as the weeks pass, so it’s important that your home is ready to deal with the harsh weather when it arrives. Check that your boiler and heating are in good shape, and bleed all radiators to ensure that they can become as hot as possible in the shortest time. If you have single glazed windows, invest in some thick, high quality blinds or curtains that can help to keep the heat inside and the cold out at a much cheaper cost than investing in new double glazed alternatives. If wind is a problem, source several draught excluders to line the bottom of each door in your home. They even come in Christmas designs, and work extremely well when blocking out any cold wind from travelling around your property. Now is the perfect time to buy some extra blankets and duvets, especially if you have guests staying, as they’re great for a cozy night in and can definitely save money on heating bills. Even winter pajamas make a difference, and you can easily find some festive themes to get your little ones into the spirit of Christmas!

Organize Guest Rooms

There’s nothing worse than guests arriving to find an unorganized room, and you definitely don’t need another thing to do towards the big day, so it’s best that you sort each space in a festive way a few weeks beforehand to make a stress free stay from the get go. Wash several bed sheets and towels for them to use, and do a bit of spring cleaning to rid your guestrooms of any dust if they haven’t been used for a while. Make up the beds and leave the towels on top, then shut the door and leave it closed to keep it fresh for their arrival. If you have poor air circulation in your home, go inside every now and then to open the window to change some air and get rid of any lingering smells. For an extra special touch, source some mini bottles of shower gel and shampoo for your guests – they will really appreciate the gesture and feel as though they’re staying at a luxury hotel! 

Getting your home ready before the festive season is vital, as there are many changes and activities that take place which require a little bit more attention and effort. Luckily the steps above make this such a simple task, and there’s no time like the present to get started!

Begin by ensuring you have all of the necessary appliances in your kitchen, and that they’re in perfect working order, so that you’re ready to cook up the various feasts that lay ahead. Prepare your home for the dropping temperatures by using thick curtains, draught excluders and big blankets for extra warmth!

Implementing these essential home checks will make the festive season a lot smoother and less stressful!

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