Excellent Reasons To Invest In A Home Extension

Home Extension

Many people reject the idea of a home extension.


It’s often down to the expense, as renovation costs are too much for some to bear. It’s also down to the stress of an extension, with such factors as noise, dust, and health and safety hazards being some of the common stressors that can be expected when a home is under renovation.

And so, if you don’t want to extend your home for either of those reasons, we get it, we really do! However, when it comes to your finances, you don’t have to renovate the entirety of your house, so the costs might not be as steep as you think. And besides, if you hire a decent home remodeling firm with a good reputation, they should be able to work within your budget without any hidden or unfair costs to yourself. They will also make the experience less stressful for you too!

You see, there are reasons why you might want to invest in a home extension, so while you will have to experience some stress and expense, you should still consider the benefits an extension will afford you. This might make the negatives appear more palatable.

Here are just a few of the reasons why you might want to invest in a home extension.

Reason #1: You won’t have to move home

A common reason for people wanting to move home is to have more space. They might want to accommodate a growing family, for example, or they might want a house that is better suited to their lifestyle choices, perhaps with extra room for a home gym or an office space. However, considering the stress and expense of a house move, it might be cheaper and less wearing on your nerves if you decided to extend your home instead. By extending upwards or outwards, you should be able to create the extra space you need for whatever it is you want or need. In short, it might not be time to move, after all!

Reason #2: You will create family harmony

How many times have arguments erupted in your home because you have all being queuing to use the bathroom? How many times have nerves become frayed because you are living in close proximity to each other? How many times have you lost patience with your family when you have struggled to work at home because of the noise around you? And how many times have you tripped over your children’s toys, and lost your temper? If you have related to any of these, know this. A home extension could create more peace and harmony within your family. With an extra bathroom, there will be no more impatient queuing to use the toilet or shower. With a larger living space or with an extra room, there will be less need to cramp each other’s style. With an added bedroom or playroom, your children are less likely to create health and safety hazards because of their toys. And if a home extension can finally give you that home office you have long desired, you should have a quieter place to work. In each situation, you will finally be able to say goodbye to those upsetting family arguments!

Reason #3: You can add value to your home

If you ever do decide to move, it’s worth knowing that a home extension is one of the best ways to increase your sales price, especially if you add features that are much-sought-after by home buyers. Extra rooms in your house will attract those with growing families, for example, and will also attract those who have specific lifestyle choices that require added space. Open plan living is a popular modern trend, so you might want to increase the square footage of your kitchen to accommodate a dining area, or open out your living room to create more functionality. And you might also want to add a conservatory, especially if you have a garden space, or extend your garage, if you have one, to accommodate more cars. Not only will these additions add value to your home, but you can also experience the benefits while you’re still living in the property.

Reason #4: You can create more storage space

You could extend your porch to make more room for your shoes, wellies, coats, etc. You could add more garage space to accommodate your tools, children’s outdoor play equipment, and anything else that would normally be cramped in a confined space otherwise. And you could extend your home to create space for anything special to you, such as a room dedicated to your books, film collection, or any other type of collectible that is relevant to you. This will ensure your prized items don’t get damaged when they might otherwise when placed in confined or inappropriate areas. Creating storage space isn’t the first thing people think about when extending a home, but for the sake of a tidier and less cluttered living area, you might consider the cost of a home extension worth it.

Reason #5: Your family will thank you

If you can extend your home to accommodate an extra bedroom for your growing family, your children won’t have to share the room forever. If you can provide a space for fun, perhaps with a games room or playroom, not only will you up the entertainment factor of your home, but you will have space to bond with your family too. And if you can add a granny flat or any other type of accommodation space to your home, you will be able to welcome family guests to stay, or have space for any relatives needing to move in with you long-term.


If you have rejected the idea of a home extension thus far, then you might have the incentive to change your mind after considering the benefits we have suggested in this article. There might also be other ideas that have come to your mind while reading. Adding value to both your property and your life, a home extension could be just the thing for you. Let us know what you think, and if you have any other suggestions as to why the investment is worth it, be sure to share your ideas with us.

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