Exceptional Sports and Outdoors Footwear

Choosing exceptional sports and outdoors footwear is important for work and play. If you aren’t wearing shoes that offer proper protection and comfort, then your performance can be negatively impacted. Put your best foot forward with one of these style options!

Exceptional Sports and Outdoors Footwear Options:

Once you find a pair of boots that are comfortable and you get them “broke in”, it’s hard to give them up. But after being well-worn, you don’t have much of a choice but to start shopping for a new pair. If you’re on your feet in a variety of situations such as hiking, trekking, backpacking, or daily work on your feet. Discover a few differences in tactical and hiking boots:

Tactical Boots Make Exceptional Sports and Outdoors Footwear

Tactical Footwear

Tactical footwear is designed to protect your feet in extreme, stressful situations. They are lightweight and comfortable while offering exceptional protection. Tactical Boots are often made with EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate) or PVC making them lightweight, waterproof, shock-absorbent, and provide protection from sharp objects.

Salomon Tactical Boots from Tactical Distributors offer excellent sports and outdoor footwear that is made to survive weather, extreme temperatures, substances, and environments. The average person won’t typically need such a strong set of footwear; however, if you want the absolute best situation for your feet, these are the way to go!

Tactical footwear is higher-priced but remember, you’re paying for the added protection and comfort!

Hiking Footwear

Hiking Footwear

Do you prefer a lower cut boot or need footwear for an occasional outdoor excursion? Save a little money and opt for a standard hiking boot. Consider the terrain that you will be encountering while shopping. An uneven, rocky terrain will require your mid-sole to be to be more flexible while a stiff mid-sole gives you stability and comfort for flatter surfaces.

Hiking boots are a little more lightweight than a tactical boot and work well for general climate experiences. If you prefer a more stylish look than a combat-style, a daily hiker boot will fulfill your footwear needs!

Which boots would you prefer?

Exceptional Sports and Outdoors Footwear - Tactical vs. Hiking

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