Fall and Winter Car Care Tips for Everyone

Fall and winter car care time is here! It may seem like summer was only yesterday. In reality, however, fall is now so far advanced, that it’s time to give some serious thought to winter. You may already have taken steps to prepare your home. It’s a good idea to give your car some love too. Here are four tips to help.

Car in the snow - learn tips to prepare for fall and winter car care

Clean your driveway

You want to give your driveway a thorough clean before you seal it for winterActivate Pressure Washing is your best option for this. If this isn’t available in your area, then look for an alternative pressure-washing option. Make sure that you’ve completely removed all evidence of spills and stains before you put on your sealant.

Once your driveway is sealed for winter, keep up the cleaning process. Hopefully, this should just be a case of removing general debris and perhaps clearing snow and ice. You should, however, keep an eye open for any damage to your sealant. If you see any, deal with it promptly, no matter how minor it appears to be.

Prep your car’s body and tires

Give your car’s exterior a thorough wash. If it’s really dirty, you can use a pressure washer here too. Just use a gentle setting and mild cleaners. Alternatively, you could take it to a carwash. Once your car is totally clean, check the paintwork thoroughly. Even tiny scratches could let rust take hold so deal with them. Make sure your tires are suitable for winter and check the pressure.  

Over the course of the winter, clean your car regularly so you quickly spot any issues with the paintwork. Also, get into the habit of checking your tire pressure more regularly. If you use your car for commuting, then try to check your tire pressure in the morning and evening. The reason for this is that tires deflate more quickly in cold weather so they’ll need reflating more frequently.

Get under the hood for fall and winter car care

Ideally, you’ll take your car for a proper pre-winter service. If your car’s getting close to its service date anyway, then certainly try to get it done before winter. At a minimum, open up the hood and check your oil, antifreeze, and windscreen cleaner. There’s a good chance you’ll need to top up all of these. Also, check the contacts on your battery and clean up any rust.

Clean out any non-essentials

In winter, making your car as aerodynamic as possible becomes a matter of safety as well as fuel efficiency. Winter is the season with the harshest weather. What that’s going to mean in practice will depend on where you live. For most people, however, it’s probably going to involve strong winds, rain, and snow at least some of the time.

This means you want to clear out your trunk so that it only holds essentials. You also want to remove anything external such as hitches, bike racks, and roof racks. The chances are you’re not going to be using them anyway. If you go away on a trip, you can put them back for that trip. This will make your car as light and aerodynamic as possible and hence make it easier to handle in bad weather.

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