Family Bonding: How to Bond with Your Teenage Son

Family bonding is extremely important. But it can be trying through the teen years! Learn how you can bond with your teenage son!

As your son has grown up, you’ve probably noticed that he’s started to change how he acts around you. Perhaps he used to be all about kisses and cuddles, or maybe all he ever wanted to do was sit on your lap. However, now that he’s begun to grow up, you may have observed that things have started to change.

When kids grow up, it is natural for them to begin to take a step back and pull away from their parents; it’s all part of gaining their independence. However, just because your son has reached his teenage years, it doesn’t mean the special bond the two of you share has to be broken. You just need to find a new way to ensure that your relationship remains as strong as ever.

Of course, it can be upsetting when your child would rather be with his friends than with you; however, this is just another part of him growing up and it’s important to understand that. The good news is that there are plenty of ways that you can rebuild the bond that you share — and it’s far easier than you would think.

In need of a little inspiration for things that you can do to ensure that you and your son’s relationship stays on track? Read on for some smart hacks and ideas!

Family Bonding: How to Bond with Your Teenage Son

Join a Sports Team with Him

If your son is into sports and staying active, a great way to bond with him is to suggest that the two of you join a sports team together. There are plenty of fun and exciting activities that you can choose to do with your son, many of which are non-contact sports. While you may not want to sign up to play football, what you can do is look for a different type of sport that the two of you can enjoy together.

Kayaking could be a good option to select, if you both enjoy water sports that is. There’s also the option of canoeing or sailing, if water activities are something that you both enjoy. Or, if you prefer to stay on dry land, golf could be a good option, as could martial arts, or even just going out with roller skates to a local rink. The fact is that there are a number of sports that you can opt to take up with your son, it’s just a case of finding what he would enjoy and what you would be comfortable doing.

Go See a Sports Match

How about taking your son to see a sports match? If you know what team and what sports he likes best, booking tickets to watch a match could be a good option to consider. There’s nothing more exciting for a teenage boy who is passionate about sport than going to watch a match where his favorite team are playing. To source tickets for a match, go to and have a look at the options available. Sports matches offer a great way to build a bond between yourself and your son.

Do More as a Family

Last but not least, try and do more as a family. If you want to make bonding with your son that little bit easier, doing more as a family is a must. This means planning weekend activities that you can all do together, allowing you to spend some much-needed quality time as a family.

What you are your tips for improving family bonding?

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