Family Meal Plans – Stress-Free and Easy

Family Meal Plans no longer have to be difficult, flavorless, or create added stress in your life. Learn how The Dinner Daily can change your family’s meals!

Dinners made easy, using your stores weekly sales from The Dinner Daily. Try 2 weeks free of family meal plans

Family Meal Plans Save Money, Time, and Reduce Stress!

When we moved into our forever home, I purchased a dry erase/cork board for our kitchen. It hangs beside the entryway so I can keep an eye on what we are eating for the week. It keeps me organized and my family no longer asks “What are we having for dinner?”.

How many times have you walked in the door after work, only to find that you have nothing thawed for dinner? Thank goodness for my Instant Pot because it’s saved me quite a few times in that case! But what if you didn’t have to do that anymore? On top of having your meals tailored to your family’s specific taste, The Dinner Daily matches up the meals to your favorite store sales flyer. WOO HOO for saving money!

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So, How Does The Dinner Daily Work?

Watch this short video to learn how The Dinner Daily Works to save you money, time, and helps eliminate meal planning stress!

Why I Love This Family Meal Plans Service

For years, I have tried to create consistency by using a meal plan. Sometimes it was as simple as writing meals down on a piece of paper and sticking it up on the refrigerator. Today, I use the whiteboard as well as a planner so I am reminded frequently about what is coming up for the week.

Whichever method you use, choose one that works for YOU and YOUR family. I have looked through a lot of similar services, but this one caught my attention because of the customization and sales flyer matching. Our oldest son has tree nut and shellfish allergies, so we were able to eliminate meal options that included those.

How many times have you jumped onto Pinterest, searched for a recipe, only to discover that there are a gazillion ingredients? Okay, maybe not a gazillion, but there are a ton and you probably do not have many of them on-hand. The recipes provided by The Dinner Daily are typically less than 10 ingredients each and they are common, easy-to-find at your favorite grocery store.

Even More Ways to Save

I am curious - how many times per week do you stop at the grocery store? Some people shop every day and only buy for one dinner at a time. Making numerous trips to the store spends a lot more of your time and money. Both of those are things I want to save more and more of!

The more we find ourselves standing in line at the store, the more apt we are to impulsively purchase items we do not need. Utilizing family meal plans are a prevention plan and will help us eliminate buying food that goes to waste. I stick to my shopping list and no longer find rotting vegetables or fruits in my fridge!

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How Much Are Family Meal Plans Going to Cost Me?

The Dinner Daily Family Meal Plans start as low as $1 per week - - YES! Only $1.00! To get started, you get two free weeks. If you are not happy with what you see, cancel the membership and no loss, no foul. But I think once you see what this company has to offer, you will fall in love like I did. The 3-Month Membership is $6.00 per week (billed as $18 every 3 months). The 6-Month Membership is $5.00 per week (billed as $30 every 6 months). OR you can opt in for a 12-Month Membership for $4 per week (billed as $48 per year).

Each week, you will receive a five-dinner menu and shopping list that are customized to your personal dietary needs and what is on sale at your local store. You will also receive a list of coupons that match up the ingredients to save even more money. Imagine the amount of time you will save with this! On the weekends, you can try out some of my favorite recipes!

Ready to get your membership started for family meal plans?

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