So, You Fancy the Farm Life? Things to Consider

Many of us idolize and aim towards the farming life. It makes sense. In a busy world the idea of ‘the simple life’ seems perfect. And, in that regard, it is. Far from tech-heavy office jobs, farm culture takes you back to nature. When you’re in the field, you won’t have time to look at your phone. Even if you did, you wouldn’t have a signal anyway.

But, many people make the mistake of thinking that ‘the simple life’ means less work. In reality, that’s far from the truth. The majority of farmers put in longer hours than office workers could imagine. What’s more, the tasks you’ll be embarking on will be a LOT more strenuous than you’re used to. Forget flexing your fingers on a keyboard. You’ll be flexing all your muscles while lifting bales of hay, or lambing your flock.

That’s not to say that it’s entirely unrealistic to leave the 9-5 for this option. Many people have done it and never looked back. But, it’s essential you know what you’re jumping into before embarking on a lifestyle which doesn’t suit. I have a few simple ways that you can discover if you’re cut out for farm life
. But even these could struggle to give you an accurate representation. After all, you can never fully understand until you have a farm of your own. But, asking yourself the following questions should at least help your decision a little.

Do you even know your farming options?

Non-farmers rarely know about the vast range of farming options. If this is the case for you, don’t give yourself a hard time. From the outside, it’s easy to assume farms are all-inclusive produce machines, with dairy, meat, and crop facilities. But, as you can see from properties on offer at sites like, there are actually a whole wealth of options. In fact, there aren’t many ranches out there who take on everything in one hit. While large-scale farms may be able to produce dairy and meat, they’ll rarely branch into crops as well. It wouldn’t be practical or advisable to take on that much work.

You’re better off settling on one thing and working hard at it. That way, you’ll be in a much better position to make your name. Plus, you can ensure you excel at what you do. Your options include cattle farming, dairy production or, as mentioned, growing crops. Take some time deciding which would suit. Bear in mind that each choice varies a lot, so you’ll need to do your research to gain an idea of which each option means.

Are you willing to embark on early mornings?

One thing most outsiders do know about the farming industry is that it involves early mornings. While the hour of rising depends on your farm, it’s rare that you’ll have the option to stay in bed any later than 6 am. Forget your nice nine o’clock starts. Farming means early to bed, and early to rise. Why, you ask? Because you won’t stand a chance of shipping in time if you don’t get started at the crack of dawn.

If you’re harvesting crops, you need to do so early before they get damp. If you’re keeping cows, you need to milk early so that you can pasteurize in time for sending off. What’s more, your cattle will need milking at regular times if you want to keep them happy. And, the list of reasons for these early mornings could go on. The good news is, sites like give some fantastic hints to help you get up on time. But, if the idea of waking before the sun sends shivers down your spine, this might not be the life for you after all.

Do you have the physical strength?

This may seem a strange point, but it’s one well worth considering. Admittedly, your muscles will build as you embark on the strenuous task of farming. But, it’s worth considering how your strength stands as it is. If you have a naturally small build and struggle to lift your office chair, you might be in trouble. The chances are that you could still build those muscles, but it could well be a painful process. What’s more, the adjustment period could slow production when you’re starting, and that’s the last thing you want. An excellent way to test this is to take yourself to the gym. Do some sessions on the weights and see how you fare. If you have trouble walking by a month in, you might want to reconsider your farming ambitions.

Are you willing to give your home to your pursuit?

Another thing worth asking it whether you’re willing to give your home over to the cause. Building business at home is nothing new. Millions of people now work from the comfort of their own offices. But, this matter takes on a whole new level where a farm is involved. If you love kicking back and getting home in the evening, it might be time to reconsider your attempts here.

Because you can rest assured that the line between home and career will be lost altogether when you embark on this project. You’ll have staff traipsing in out and of your property at all hours. You’ll be on call 24/7. You wouldn’t be the first to feel overwhelmed by this. In no time, your house might become a practical stopping point, rather than a home. If you have dreams of doing the comfortable family base thing, this could become a problem. Make sure you take that into account before making pricey choices you could come to regret.

Have you passed the test?

If you answered positively to all the above, it’s more than possible that the farm life is for you. Congratulations and welcome to the fold. If not, don’t worry. You could always opt to work on someone else’s farm instead. You’d get all the benefits that way with none of the worries.

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