Five Easy Tips to Curb Your Drinking Habits

It can be difficult to curb your drinking habits when you love both the taste of drinks and the feeling you get when you’re having them with friends. Most people enjoy a beer with a burger and wine with pasta, but if you find that you’re overdoing it with the beverages, curbing your drinking is usually a great idea. Of course you won’t be able to do that if you’re rehabing from alcohol, but if you don’t have an addiction to it and want to cut down on drinks it is entirely possible. Below are five tips to help you curb your drinking.

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Cut Out Hard Liquor

When you enjoy a whiskey, tequila, or cocktail a little too much, the night can go off the rails fast. One way to curb your drinking and feel a whole lot better the next morning is to cut out hard liquor. If you’re not addicted to alcohol, you don’t have to say that you will cut out liquor forever but it’s a good way to cut down on your intake. Stick to beer and wine. Occasionally throw in a hard seltzer. You’ll find that when you stop drinking the hard stuff, drinking is much more manageable.

No Drinking During the Week

While you might be tempted to crack open a cold one when you’re eating dinner or during Monday night football, you should refrain. One leads to another and then you’re buzzed on a weeknight. If you can keep drinking on weekends, you will be able to save it for the times that really count. You will feel a lot better ingesting less alcohol and when you do it will be really fun. You will save a lot of money by only drinking on the weekends.

Save it for Special Occasions

A step further is to only drink on special occasions. This means drinking when you’re celebrating something. If you only drink for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, when you’re celebrating a new job, and other specific times, you will still be able to drink pretty often while cutting down on it from week-to-week. When you feel like you’re not enjoying drinking as much as you used to, it might be time to save it for the times you really want to let loose and celebrate. It’s a good way to keep drinking in check without having to think too much about it.

Only with Food

If you don’t enjoy getting drunk that much but find yourself drinking more with your friends, one way to curb it is to only drink when you’re eating. Not only will it keep your drinking at certain times, it will provide some necessary bulk when you are having drinks. If you don’t over drink when you have liquor, one option is to drink whatever you want but to only do it when you’re having dinner or are eating at a barbecue. It’s a barometer for when you can drink and when you should refrain.

Don’t Keep it in the House

Another great way to curb your drinking is to stop keeping alcohol in the house. It’s so easy to grab a beer from the fridge when you have a 12 pack waiting for you. It’s easy to have a nightcap of whiskey to put yourself to sleep. When you have wine waiting for you, it’s difficult to eat that Italian food without it. If you really want to curb your drinking, only have beverages when you’re out. Whether it’s at a restaurant or a bar, if you find yourself drinking at home more often than you want to be, stop buying alcohol for the house.

Cutting down on drinking isn’t easy when you really enjoy it, but if you’re not addicted to alcohol these methods can really help you curb your intake. It is another story entirely if you can’t stop drinking high quantities every day. In that case you should seek the necessary treatment for alcoholism. But if you’re like a lot of people and just want to decrease the amount you drink, only do it when you’re out, on the weekends, on special occasions, and refrain from the hard liquor. You will be able to cut down pretty easily with these methods. 

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