Four tips for ensuring that your pet remains in tip top condition

Your pet is undoubtedly a beloved and valuable member of your family. However, their needs are slightly different from a human’s and, as you, unfortunately, cannot communicate through speech with your four-legged friend, you can often be left wondering whether you are meeting all their needs. The key to this is knowing your animal’s personality and recognizing the meaning of various vocalizations and body language that they display. Here are four tips for some additional help to ensure that your pet remains in tip top condition.

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Regular vet check-ups

Take your pet for a yearly check-up with a trusted vet, such as easyvet. Here, they will receive an all-over health check to make sure that they are in good physical condition and monitor existing conditions and administer vaccination top-ups. Your vet is also ready to provide you with advice for caring for your pet, such as an appropriate diet for your animal, establishing a dental hygiene routine for your pet, and flea and worming treatments.

Look after their teeth

Like humans, animals can suffer from painful tooth decay and gum disease if their teeth are not looked after. Ensure that you are providing your pet with an appropriate diet that is low in sugar; some pet foods are even enriched with teeth cleaning properties. You are your pet a daily dose of pet toothpaste, in a delicious meaty flavor, for added tooth protection. Smaller animals, such as mice and rabbits, have continuously growing teeth, so gnaw on objects to naturally wear them down; provide them with fibrous food, such as hay and grass, and chew toys to ensure that their teeth do not become overgrown.


Playtime is very important to animals as it helps to keep them both physically active and mentally stimulated. Dogs, in particular, require walking several times a day to ensure that they get enough exercise. Incorporate a bit of fun into your walks by letting them off their leads in a safe place and throwing a toy for them to catch. Make sure that your pet has plenty of toys to play with to keep them active and occupied at home. If you have small animals that spend most of their time in a cage, such as rats or gerbils, ensure that their home is kitted out with plenty of fun cage accessories, like tunnels, wheels, and balls, and help to keep your small pets away from boredom.

Appropriate diet

Providing your pet with an appropriate diet is key to ensuring that they remain healthy and well. Overfeeding can lead to obesity and the problems caused by this, such as diabetes, as can feeding your animal inappropriate sugary human foods. Additionally, certain human foods are poisonous to different animal species, so to avoid a medical emergency from occurring, resist the urge to share your plate and stick to the correct food items and treats that are specifically made for your pet.

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