Four Ways To Keep Your Sanity When You Move House

Moving House
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When talking about the biggest events that cause stress in our lives, moving house is always near the top of the list. All the tension of trying to sell your home, find somewhere new, carry out negotiations and surveys and get all the dates to align can be severe – and that’s just a precursor. When it comes to moving day itself, it’s very easy to get overwhelmed with the amount you have to do. The good news is, there are a number of life hacks to make your moving experience as streamlined and efficient as possible – and minimize the threat to your sanity!

Get The Basics Right

A little pre-planning and nothing on your moving day should be left to chance. A few months before the move, start by approaching local businesses and scouring Craiglist for packing materials. Many offices and shops regularly throw out sturdy, lidded boxes and secure packing materials that they are happy for you to take away for free – it saves them the trouble and cost, after all. Approach people you know that have moved recently or scour internet reviews to find the best removals company or hire a local mover here. Being in the hands of people you can trust will make a big difference to your stress levels on the day.

Don’t Clean as You Go Along

Many of us fall prey to the temptation to pack up a room, move the boxes out, clean it and on to the next one. But this is a counter-productive way to go about it. The act of moving generates a lot of mess and dirt, so you may find that you only need to do it again. Wait until the house is completely empty, or look into hiring a cleaning firm (or a bunch of teens looking to make chore money) to give it a thorough clean. It may cost a little bit more, but it will definitely save you a large job and means that you can focus on unpacking at the other end.

Create an Essentials Box

The feeling of arriving in your new home, excited, keyed-up, exhausted and dirty, and then not being able to find your essentials without going through seventy identical looking boxes just labelled with a room, is awful. So be smart and pre-pack a small plastic crate with your absolute first-night essentials – water bottles, toothbrushes, pajamas, even a good book. Keep this box with you in the car so that it doesn’t get lost. Make your bed the first thing you sort out at the other end – if it’s all made up with pillows and a duvet, you could fall into it at whatever time you need to.

Send A Card To Your Purchasers

A few weeks post moving, take the time to send a little card to the new occupants of your former home, wishing them well settling in and giving a forwarding address. Despite redirecting your mail. Inevitably there will be other items that don’t get sent on, and these generally tend to be the most important ones – so make sure the people who bought your old house know how to send them on to you.


What are your top tips for moving and staying sane?

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