Fun Hobbies to Try If You’re Stuck at Home


Try these fun hobbies if you’re stuck at home and bored out of your mind! You may find a new creative outlet for yourself!

Creative writing is one of many fun hobbies to try if you're stuck at home

Try some creative writing 

Do you have a favorite book, one that you could read again and again? Maybe you wish deep down that you could write something like that one day but don’t know where to start. If that sounds like you, then you should spend your downtime wisely and try some creative writing. It’s not as hard as you might imagine. Get a pen and a notebook, or set yourself up at your computer. If you don’t know what to write about, start writing about something ordinary and try to make it more interesting. That is how some of the most famous books began. 

Learn to play the Ukulele

Having some downtime is the perfect chance to learn to play an instrument and explore your creativity. But why settle for something everyone plays, like the guitar, or the keyboard, choose something more fun and interesting – like the Ukulele. There are some excellent reasons to pick up this instrument and give it a go, check out the 25 Reasons to Play Ukulele (#8 is backed by Science) if you need more inspiration. Basically, the Ukulele is simple to learn, fun to play, and sounds like nothing else. 

Knitting is very relaxing

Knitting has a reputation as a hobby for grannies, but that’s not realistic. People of all ages enjoy knitting because it’s relaxing, enjoyable, and creative. Choose something that you would like to have in the end – perhaps a scarf, some lovely woolly socks for the winter, or maybe some gloves. The internet has many how-to videos that can show you the basics and get you weaving the needles right away. Knitting is a fun and productive activity that you can do while watching TV or chatting with family members.  

Become a puzzle person

Do you like problem-solving? If you do, you might be a puzzle person. This is good news if you have some valuable downtime. Traditional puzzles like Rubik’s cubes and jigsaws can keep you entertained for hours as you attempt to complete them. Puzzle activities such as these put you into a state of Flow, or what athletes call The Zone. This is a state of relaxed concentration that is very satisfying. If you prefer more modern puzzles, then computer consoles have some excellent interactive puzzle games to play – such as Zelda on Nintendo. 

Baking is super fun 

All of the activities on this list put you into a state of relaxed alertness that is enjoyable and productive – baking is no different. Everything from imagining what you want to create, sourcing the ingredients, mixing them up, and serving them, is a space of creativity and productivity. What’s more, baking can be done with other family members; make it a collaborative effort and enjoy the communication and connection you experience while baking some treats you don’t usually have – it beats sitting in front of the TV, and why not eat some freshly baked goods if you have the time to make them. 

Have you discovered any fun hobbies to try while you’ve been stuck at home?

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