Fun Summer Activities for the Whole Family

While having the whole family home during the summer can feel hectic, there are multiple fun activities you can try that will leave everyone smiling and having a good time. Depending on your location, many summer activities or outings could be readily available to you. 

Fun Summer Activities for the Whole Family

Summer Activities with my family on the beach

Outdoor Activities

The heat during the summer literally begs you and your family to get out and enjoy the great outdoors! Whether you have one child or twenty, here are some fun ideas to try to keep them entertained outside.

  • Go to the beach – This might be the most obvious suggestion because what is more fun in the summertime than splashing in the waves and relaxing on the warm sand? Load up the car with beach towels, sunscreen, a beach ball or other ball game of some kind and hit the road to your nearest beach. This activity is sure to please all ages. 
  • Have a picnic – If you do not live close to a beach, don’t worry! The easiest way to enjoy the nice weather is to pack up the family’s favorite foods, throw down a blanket on the grass, and feast. Picnicking gives your family a space to catch up and relax. Also, you can try one of the many great recipes on Lynchburg Mama, like the Mediterranean pasta salad – or you could even give yourself a break and stop by a drive-thru. 
  • See a baseball game – This could be a minor-leagues game, a high school game, or even a family member’s game! Baseball is the perfect summer sport. Soaking up the sun and watching a great game of baseball does the heart good. If you and your family are looking for something fun to wear to a baseball game, check out these baseball graphic tees, perfect for showing your spirit and support. 

Maybe you and your family prefer the indoor air-conditioning instead of the hot summer rays – never fear, here are some awesome indoor ideas. 

Indoor Summer Activities

The comfort of your own home is a blessing in itself. To cherish it, consider these fun ideas your family can try inside. 

  • Watch a movie – A family-friendly movie, complete with buttered popcorn and sweet treats can really help everyone to unwind from a long, warm day. Also, with all of the available streaming subscriptions, you have access to so many different choices!
  • Play board games – Clear off the table and whip out monopoly! Everyone in the family is sure to love the pure joy of a competitive board game. You can pick the best one that suits the age range in your family and get the laughs started. 
  • Play hide and seek – This is a great compromise for staying at home while still being active. Get everyone in the family involved and pick out some fun places to hide. The winning team could pick what flavor popsicles you all enjoy after!

No matter what activity you end up choosing, the important thing is that you spend time with the ones you love. Summer gives us a great opportunity to relax and have fun with the family!

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