Get Your Backyard Back Into Shape

Have you been neglecting your backyard? An abandoned backyard can quickly become overgrown and messy, making it an eyesore. This could affect the value of your property and the overall feel. Here are a few ways in which you can return your backyard back to its former glory.

Tidy your lawn

Lawns require a lot of maintenance to keep them green and tidy. This include mowing them when they get too long and watering them during periods of little rainfall. There are companies that can help with lawn treatments. This could include laying down fertilizers or de-weeding your lawn.

LAZY TIP: If you don’t have the patience for lawncare, you can always opt for artificial grass. You won’t need to cut it, water it or weed it – plus most people won’t be able to tell the difference between the real thing. It’s not as satisfying as a real lawn, but it does the job.

Trim back plants

Some garden plants can be left to their own devices and will thrive. The problem is that they can get a little too wild unless regularly trimmed back. You may also get plants seeding in places you don’t want such as the middle of the lawn or even cracks in your patio.

LAZY TIP: There are lots of slow-growing plants that don’t need to be trimmed as often. Putting these plants in pots/raised beds may also limit their growth.

Fix up your fencing

Broken or peeling fence panels could also be bringing down the appearance of your backyard. Check your fence for damage and consider replacing any panels that are broken. Repainting your fence could also be a job worth doing if you haven’t done it in a few years. The same applies to sheds and other wooden structures.

LAZY TIP: Aluminium or vinyl fencing requires much less upkeep than wooden fencing – you won’t need to repaint it and may only need to give it the occasional clean.

Clean your patio/decking

Patios and decking can become dirty over time. These may need to be scrubbed or jet-washed to get them looking new again. You should also check that you haven’t got any weed growth.

LAZY TIP: All patio and decking needs to be cleaned – however the likes of porcelain paving slabs and composite wooden decking can be easier to clean. Consider switching to these options if you need something low maintenance.

Restore your furniture

Outdoor furniture may also need to be restored over time. Cast iron furniture can rust and may need to be repainted, while wooden furniture may may also need to be retreated. Plastic furniture may become faded and cracked over time and may need to be replaced. Storing furniture away or covering it up when not in use could reduce this weather damage and prevent the need for regular restoration.

LAZY TIP: Investing in furniture made from weatherproof materials could save the need for maintenance. Various synthetic materials can do the job (avoid cheap plastic though), while teak is one of the best outdoor wood options. 

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