Grilling is Easy with Cave Tools!

Grilling is easy when you have the perfect weather and tools. Here in Lynchburg, our weather has been teasing us with spring-like temperatures, making it hard to resist heading out the grill for supper. We recently upgraded our grill; so it was time to add a new set of tools, too. After testing out and falling in love with their Wing Rack, Meat Injector Kit, and Wood Smoker Box, I knew Cave Tools was the ultimate source for finding the perfect grill tool set!

Grilling is easy when your tools are strong!

Cave Tools Heavy Duty BBQ Tools Set

Every summer, I feel like we’ve had to update our grill tools because they simply don’t hold up. Cave Tools 3-piece Stainless Steel BBQ Tool Set caught my attention because it is made with 20% thicker stainless steel than standard sets. They are extremely durable and will never break or bend — even when your picking up larger pieces of meat!

Grilling is easy with Cave Tools!
These are heavy-duty without being overly-heavy! I can easily use them and feel confident that they won’t bend!

The 3-piece set includes a spatula, tongs, and fork that each have an extra wide hanging hook with leather straps. They fit on an assortment of grill tool holders, including the Weber Genesis and other BBQ models.

In addition to flipping burgers, the spatula has a serrated edge that can be used for cutting, as well as a bottle opener for when a cold beverage is needed. The larger face makes flipping larger burgers a breeze. When using tongs to turn hot dogs or sausages, they often slip out or are cut into by the teeth. The Cave Tools grilling tongs have teeth that close and cradle the hot dogs and sausages to ensure the skin isn’t pierced and the meat remains sealed with the delicious juices inside.

Cave Tools tongs don't pierce the meat!

Easy Clean Up!

One of my biggest complaints about grill tools is how difficult they are to clean! These tools are designed with a sleek, simple look that makes clean-up a breeze. They’re even safe to put in the dishwasher.

Priced at $19.99, you are getting a phenomenal deal! Stop throwing your money away on replacing others sets every year and join the Cave Tools family. They offer a lifetime guarantee; so if you’re ever unhappy with your set, they’ll accept a return with a full money-back return.

You’ll also get a bonus of 25 professional BBQ recipes that include step-by-step instructions and videos!

Where to Buy

Get ready for grilling season early by grabbing a set of these high-quality tools on Amazon or on the Cave Tools website.

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