Happiness and Success: Are You Standing in Your Own Way?

Are you feeling like you can’t keep going? Like something is in your way, but you can’t put your finger on what it is? Perhaps it’s you who is blocking your own path to happiness and success. Here are some examples of how you could be standing in your own way, and different methods you can try to clear your path.

The Past

The Past

When you dwell on the past, you do nothing but hinder forward progress. It’s meant to be a motivational tool and you want it to be what drives you toward a better future, right? Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. The process brings you down and reminds you of ways that you “failed.” This is a complete waste of mental energy and a waste of time. Dwelling on these things does nothing positive for your life. Instead of focusing on past, take what you learned and develop a path that moves you forward. Accept the past for what it is and let it go….let it go…. Now I’m guessing you have the wonderful Frozen theme song stuck in your head? You’re welcome!

Happiness + Success


Comparing Yourself To Others

From time to time, we all compare our lives to others. We wonder why and how our neighbor can afford a brand new car while we’re driving a decade-old vehicle. Or we envy the big new house that our co-worker is building.  You know someone has to have it, but why can’t it be you? It’s okay to appreciate what others have but once you cross that line of envy or jealousy, it’s hard to come back. We begin to feel we are inadequate. This makes you think that you, for some reason, should be better than what you are instead of can be better than where you’re currently at. It’s a sinkhole for time and energy, and sometimes even money when you try to buy your way into success and happiness.

Social media has become a hub for this line of self-destruction. We see photos of our friends’ new homes, vacations, cars, and even families – and if we have a want for those things, it’s easy to let the green-eyed-monster take over. If you find yourself stuck in this type of situation, limit or eliminate your time on social media. Spend that time focusing on developing an appreciation for the “little” things in life.

Happiness + Success

Avoidance + Taking On Too Much

When ordering dessert, do you order a piece of pie or the entire thing? One piece will do the trick for most people and this is how we should approach all situations in our lives. Instead of taking our schedules bite by bite, we’re trying to swallow the entire pie in one sitting. Over-extending our time and energy can lead to a major burnout. We stay exhausted and pressed for time, leaving no energy for the things we enjoy. Eventually, anxiety will begin to dictate your actions rather than reason. 

Our phones have become an extension of ourselves. It’s natural to think that they make us more efficient and organized; however, it’s easy to get distracted with our apps, messages, etc. and end up wasting time. I prefer to use my Order Out of Chaos Academic Planner: A Tool For Time Management® in letter size because it lets me plan for the entire day. While designed for students, I have found that it is extremely useful for keeping all aspects of our household, from chores to activities, organized. We don’t overbook our days and can stay true to our commitments. I can check off the items we’ve completed and easily see if we’re lacking in a particular area. 

If even one of these situations applied to you, then I hope that you can use the suggestions listed to help get yourself back on track to happiness and success. Use these suggestions as stepping stones to start your journey of self-improvement!

Have you ever felt like you’re standing in your own way?

Happiness + Success: Are You Standing in Your Own Way?

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