Happy 14th Birthday to the Boy Who Made Me “Mama”

14 years ago, today, I became a “mama” for the first time. It was a long, scary 9 months leading up to Isaiah’s birth but it was worth every moment. On April 13th, 2004, I went to the hospital for a stress test and soon found myself hooked up to monitors, along with IVs. It lightly snowed throughout the day outside of the hospital window and was nearly 80 when we went home three days later. 

Isaiah, which means “Salvation of the Lord” in Hebrew, fits my sweet, kind-hearted young man. He has always had an unyielding faith that the Lord guides and protects us. He is steadfast in finding a way to maintain his simple, structured life. Like me, he desires little more than a life that is happy, healthy, and fulfilling.

Since a young child, Isaiah has been developing a plan for his future. He enjoys being outdoors – rain or shine – and has a desire to travel the world. To make his dreams come true, he plans to join the U.S. Navy after high school. We recently filled out the paperwork to register him for high school, focusing on agriculture as his CTE choice.

The teen years are proving to be some of the most difficult that I’ve faced as a mother. I’m sure that they are just as challenging (if not more!) as a teen himself; but, the one thing that keeps us sane is our open communication. It takes a little coaxing at times while patience and perseverance are key. He doesn’t mind giving his mama a hug anywhere, anytime, or taking a selfie when asked. 

Today, this boy who initially made me a mama celebrates his 14th birthday. I am proud of the young man he’s growing into. He stands for good and right while staying true to the values we’ve tried to instill over the years. While navigating his teen years, I pray that he continues to learn and grow from both the choices and mistakes. I love this boy and am so proud that I get to call him mine!

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  1. Ah, the teenage years. Isaiah will manage the transitions just fine.

  2. Happy Birthday, Isaiah!! Congratulations, Mom, on raising a son you are proud of and who loves you so much. I’m the mother of a teen, too, and I agree with you about both the persistence and the communication.

  3. Happy Birthday Isaiah and congrats on your plans to join the US Navy after graduation. Follow your dreams!!

  4. Happy Birthday! I have a son the same age and it is an adventure, but wonderful to watch him grow up into a young adult.

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